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Sorting analysis commonly disseminated copper ore flotation conditions

(1) trapping agent - xanthate aerofloat;
(2) Foaming agent - pine oil cresol;
(3) an inhibitor of lime, cyanide; sometimes add sodium silicate inhibit gangue.
Grinding fineness: ore flotation before general grinding to 60-65% -0.075 mm.
Pulp density: the rougher jobs often 27-33% (solid content).
Rougher time: typically 15-20 minutes.
Flotation process: often uses two principle processes
(1) In the first paragraph elect qualified concentrate and waste tailings in the mine to the second paragraph of the flotation after regrinding.
(2) in the first paragraph of selected waste tailings and sent to the second paragraph after regrinding floating away low grade copper concentrate.
Bid farewell to disseminated copper deposits, in addition to these two principles processes, and can be applied to the general processes or other variations of the above two paragraphs journey.
Flotation orange fruit: copper recovery factor depends on the proportion of copper sulphide minerals in the ore content. Fruit yield can reach 95-96% copper sulfide, copper oxide, about 60%, only recyclable Shi Liansheng copper pulse, just almost can not be recycled.

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