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Analysis tungsten deposit formative stages

In recent years, the role of tungsten ore can be described as fast, and concerned. Well known whether it is anti-oxidation coating in high-temperature pyrometallurgical industry, the engine's thermal dissociation in the aerospace industry is inseparable from the application of tungsten extensive. Therefore, the development of tungsten ore beneficiation industry hot topics. The beneficiation equipment industry is poised to take off, tungsten ore processing equipment in recent years, becoming the new darling of the market. Meanwhile, we must know how to have high-quality mineral processing equipment at the same time, must predict the match beneficiation technology can complement each other more efficiently.
The tungsten deposit formation process can be roughly divided into gas hydrothermal stage, the hydrothermal period and supergene period. Product of gas epithermal or clumps to monzogranite strains the center of the greisen of the band as the representative of the inner quartz, lithium iron mica, topaz and wolframite are widely distributed, the local section saw molybdenite, bismuthinite and chalcopyrite. Hydrothermal stage can be divided into early, middle and late three mineralization stages, early quartz topaz. Wolframite stage, the formation of a large number of board columnar wolframite, coarse-grained topaz and quartz is characterized by the same time associated with daylight garnet, lithium iron mica, scheelite, sericite and pyrite; mid-quartz-topaz a sulfide stage to form pyrite, galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, wolframite and magnetite characteristics associated with daylight garnet, topaz, quartz and sericite; late quartz. Carbonate stage, representative minerals are quartz, calcite and fluorite. Supergene native suffered weathering and erosion and oxidation leaching of tungsten ore at the near-surface, and thus the formation of secondary mineral assemblages represented jarosite, limonite and malachite. Tungsten deposit in many types of hydrothermal alteration, but they are multi-slide containing tungsten topaz-quartz veins both sides of the vein wall discontinuous distribution, it is difficult to constitute the face of a certain size or linear alteration zone. Contrast, greisenization predominantly irregular shaped strips or clumps in the the monzogranite strain nuclear output, its representative alteration minerals were zinnwaldite a topaz quartz and topaz-muscovite quartz. Most greisen samples w0, content varied from 0.34% to 0.54%. Individual samples can up to 0.86%.

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