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The most comprehensive mineral processing equipment control system

With the further deepening of the major industrial chain of mechanization and informatization,mineral processing equipment more automated operation, energy saving and environmental protection technology further attention.
1, the feedforward control system: feedforward control is essentially open-loop control mode in accordance with a disturbance control, the feedforward measures to fully offset the impact of the amount charged by the interference. Feedforward control law depends on the dynamic characteristics of the the object interference channel and control channel.
2, multi-impulse control system: charged with multiple variables interrelated charged object is not only related to the amount of control, but also with the other variables, these variables are combined by a relationship together to control the amount of control , this constitutes more impulse control system, such as a uniform control the dual impulse uniform control system.
3, ratio control system: beneficiation process is often the need to maintain a certain ratio relationship between several variables, for example, maintain a certain grams per tonne relationship to the amount of ore dose ore matching process. This ratio control accuracy of relations is of great significance for improving the quality and quantity of products, reduce consumption.
4, single-loop control system: single-loop control system instrumentation, transmitters, regulators, actuators and controlled objects constitute the single feedback loop control system.Single-loop control system is simple, to meet the requirements of the general control of the production process, a wide range of applications.
5, uniform control system: uniformity control is to ensure that the previous device in the process allows the fluctuation does not exceed certain limit conditions, try to make smooth changes in the output flow.
6, the cascade control system: by the sub-circuit and main circuit in series. Cascade control system, the main regulator independent given value, vice regulator correction value given by the main regulator, Vice regulator output to drive the actuator. The system's anti-jamming ability, corrective action system faster than the single-loop controller, the adjustment process is shortened, dynamic deviation, high quality control; ability to adapt.

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