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Three processes of ore beneficiation equipment solve high moisture material crushing

For materials with higher water content, ore beneficiation equipment in the crushing process will form more muddy, so adhesions and clogging easily occur in the beneficiation process and storage, transport, causing an accident. Before the beneficiation process crushing, correct moisture content determination is essential for high-quality ore beneficiation process.
1, from the essentially solve joint production process of pulverizing and drying. For the high moisture content materials, the crushing process and drying process combine to remove excess moisture. Such as air swept mill adopted by phosphate rock and fan mill adopted by pulverized coal all use hot air to go through the crusher. One hand, the role of the hot air is dry materials, on the other hand, will discharged dried and crushed fine materials. The pulverized material specific surface area increases, and is suspended in the machine body, the particle surface is exposed, drying effect is better, product moisture can reduce to below 1% depending on the process requirements.
2, targeted to the crusher member locally heated. There are difficulties when materials have high water content and adopt above process, users can adopt locally heated for crushers' related parts. Such as hammer crusher or impact crusher liner or impact plate is heated locally, will be able to prevent accidents due to bonding and clogging of the materials.
3, using the wet-milled. The drying process is more complex, higher infrastructure investment and production costs, therefore can be used wet grinding. Higher moisture content materials, and the production process after grinding is needed more wet materials, such as wet magnetic separation, flotation, and phosphate quenching process, you can add a certain amount of water when materials enter into the mill, wet grinding of materials.

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