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Emphasis on the mineral processing crushing process factors can high efficient beneficiation

Recently, China's economic again show a rising trend, and how to enable enterprises to follow the pace of the times, clenched dynamic economic, it is imperative to improve the productivity of enterprises, crushing grinding process is often beneficiation first off, in order to achieve efficient beneficiation, emphasis on beneficiation equipment crushing grinding process factors.

1, beneficiation equipment performance: each device has its own fixed characteristic.Ore is crushed to grinding granularity, which is not a single stage crushing can complete. Crushing devices are working within a certain size range, such as the performance of the crusher determines its product size limits, so the selected comminution process should be adapted to the comminution device can achieve the product particle size.
2, the nature of the ore selected: the nature of the ore mainly refers to the physical nature of the ore, brittleness, lumpiness, primary mud content, mineral composition, minerals embedded boutros, etc. The general dressing plant according to the nature of the ore to choose the comminution process, has got maximal effect of comminution.
3, the energy consumption and steel consumption: energy consumption and steel consumption occupy an important place in the evaluation of the comminution process. In both conventional processes or the autogenous grinding processes, the dressing plants are consuming most energy. Reduce energy consumption and steel energy consumption can improve the economic efficiency of the dressing plant.
4, process scheme investment and production costs: In addition to the above factors, when determine the comminution process, should also compare the total investment and production costs of the programs, you should select the low cost of investment and production. In general, semi-autogenous grinding process is superior to conventional comminution process, the estimated investment is about 30%, production costs is also slightly lower than the conventional process.

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