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Solid waste crushing method resolution beneficiation process

At this stage, emphasis on solid waste pretreatment is the highlight of the environmental protection work. Also bring new development opportunities for the mineral processing equipment industry. The crushing method of solid waste can be divided into dry, wet and semi- wet crushing. Wherein the wet crushing and semi-wet crushing is broken while both hierarchical sorting processing, dry-type crushing is commonly referred to mechanical crushing and non-mechanical crushing, can be divided into two methods can be broken.
Solid waste in the crushing method is selected, depending on the mechanical strength of the solid waste, in particular waste hardness. For brittle rigid waste suitable for chipping, impact extrusion crushing; flexible waste such as scrap cars, waste and equipment, waste plastics, etc., at room temperature using conventional crusher difficult crushing pressure is only able to make it generate a larger plastic deformation without rupture, when advised effectively crushed in the use of its low-temperature brittle nature of, or the use of shear, impact crusher; when the waste volume is large, can not directly be fed into the crusher, the first need the cutting knife can be loaded into the crusher feed port size, crushed and then fed into the crusher. For municipal waste containing large quantities of waste. In recent years, the foreign semi-wet and wet crushing. Currently the most widely used mineral processing equipment machinery can be broken, it is broken with broken tools, such as crusher tooth plate, hammer, ball mill steel ball solid waste force. Crushing effect can be divided into the extrusion, friction, shear, impact, splitting and bending. The first three are the fundamental forces that crushers are usually used.
In normal circumstances, processing equipment crusher solid waste, there are two or more crushing grains at the same time acting on the solid waste, such as crushed and broken, impact crushing and grinding stripping,etc.

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