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What is the best condition for separation in the beneficiation process?

Mineral processing equipment sorting minerals is a necessary condition for achieving concentrate, monomer dissociated non-magnetic particles in the beneficiation process, in the sorting magnetic field, because they don't effected by the magnetic forces, in the role of other forces, enter into the tailings and did not enter the concentrate. Thus get concentrate sorting, so mineral processing equipment for the mineral separation of good and bad directly determine the mineral quality and grade, but also one of the important criterion affecting the competitiveness of enterprises.
Monomer dissociation magnetic strong mineral particles in the actual operation of the mineral processing equipment sorting process will first be given to the force of the magnetic field into the concentrate bucket, while the weak magnetic mineral particles and non-magnetic mineral particles to enter the fine mine process is random. Stratified sorting conditions, uniform mixing of the slurry through the mine shafts into the magnetic separator space must be in accordance with the mineral particles of magnetic and non-magnetic properties, the magnetic mineral particles gathered in the areas of magnetic field, rather than The magnetic particles are gathered in the non-magnetic field. Magnetic separator space of the separator at the same time, in order to prevent the precipitated mineral particles, always in the turbulent state of motion causes the pulp by agitation, the turbulent motion of the mineral particles are generated in the direction of flow velocity fluctuation △ V, constituting the internal particles of slurry the interaction between the pressure Fn. For non-magnetic minerals (e.g., gangue) and does not meet the separation conditions of the connected living body into the tailings hopper, the particles by gravity FG, the viscous resistance FF and magnetic force Fm plays an important role.
Note: in order to prevent preferential access to the strong magnetic mineral concentrates bucket not entrained non-magnetic minerals and does not meet the separation standards of accretion body mineral, it is necessary to make the mineral particles remain dispersed in the sorting space and keep the mineral particles relative freedom ovement. The distance between the free movement of the mineral particles should be larger than the diameter of the mineral particles themselves, because the distance between the mineral particles in the pulp distribution meet Poisson's law. So as to ensure magnetic mineral particles are subjected to the effect of the the mixing force field of the magnetic force, gravity and viscous drag to enter into concentrate bucket and not entrained non-magnetic mineral grains, improving concentrate grade.

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