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Explore low-grade iron ore concentrates

Recently, the iron ore market is bullish, the industry predict China's economic recovery and mineral resources development field growth is just around the corner, mineral processing equipment industry is also gearing up to provide a strong guarantee for China's mineral resources industry. As we all know, in the field of mineral development, some mines become metamorphic deposit as main deposit volcanic depost, iron minerals disseminated fine grain size and low magnetic, this belongs to more difficult elect iron ore, production of iron concentrate coarser grade is low. 
According to the test, you can add magnetic separation column selection in the selection process of the iron ore choiceness process, or improved the original grinding and separation process magnetic fine sieve to control grading, Magnetic separation column selection, middlings re-grinding and re-election process, these new processes are reasonable, easy to operate, can improce low-grade magnetic separation of iron ore to more than 65%, and get excellent sorting indicators, provides an effective way to deal with the extremely poor and extremely fine-grained iron ore, greatly increase economic efficiency. In the tailings regrinding of the magnetic separation column selection, the analysis showed that the separation column selection tailings are main coenobium, the structure is more complex, thus before sorting, need to grind. First screen analysis of original concentrate, get the original concentrate grain productivity and grain size grade showed a normal distribution, coarse fraction is low grade, fine grade is high grade, overall are coarser. Then original concentrate directly into the magnetic separation column, selection under the conditions of four different parameters, so this test can determine the optimal separation column parameters. Magnetic separation column concentrate grade improve several percent points than pre-concentrate grade, magnetic separation column tailing grade is low, its iron grade is higher, and still has the value of recycling.
Comprehensive tailings contain two parts: 0.2mm plus sieve part and magnetic separation column tailings. Original concentrate is fine grinded to 0.045mm, which occupy 82%, then under the condition of 113.8kA//m magnetic field intensity, magnetic separation tube grading. Via tests, get 0.2mm oversize product and magnetic separation column tailing, after comprehensive tailings are grinded to 0.045mm and occupy 82%, by grading, put away low grade weak magnetic products and magnetic separation column tailings composed of monomer gangue.

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