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What are the characteristics of the gravity concentration?

The gravity concentration is a sorting ore method in accordance with mineral density differential, occupies an important position in the contemporary beneficiation methods. Gravity concentration is also a more economical beneficiation process. In tungsten, tin ore beneficiation, and black metal ore beneficiation, gravity concentration occupy an important role.
The main process of the gravity concentration process type: grading, jigging, shaking, and spiral chute.
Gravity concentration process adopts (1) rich or poor sorting, (2) thick, fine sorting, (3) sand, mud sorting, and prevent excessive wear (before grinding, abandoned tailings, or elected concentrate) more reasonable gravity concentration process, as well as the use of magnetic, gravity, floating joint flow; In the mechanical aspects, the use of heavy media instead of hand-selected, mechanical beneficiation equipment instead of artificial panning operations;
The gravity concentration equipment develop a heavy-medium (1) vibrating chute, (2) heavy medium assist flow (3) trapezoid jigger, (4) remer vibratory jig (5) spiral concentrator (6) spiral chute, (7) centrifugal separator (7) centrifugal shaker. Some mineral processing equipments are created by our country, for example, centrifugal separator and centrifuge shaker.
Characteristics of the gravity concentration:
1, gravity separation equipment manufacturing simple, device stability, ease operation, low cost. The technology is relatively mature.
2, In beneficiation production, don't consume valuable agentia, the discharged tailings is smaller environmental pollution.
3, discard block surrounding rock and coarse tailings, sorting coarser dissemination and weakly magnetic minerals;
4, in conjunction with other beneficiation methods, recycling disseminated fine-grained and weakly magnetic minerals.
5, in the case of mineral disseminated coarser, gravity concentration can get better separation indexes, can produce rougher concentrate or mixed concentrate and can also get the final concentrate.

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