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Beneficiation definition introduction

Beneficiation is the most important part of the entire mineral production,it is a key sectors in mining enterprises. General large-scale mining enterprises are integrated mining, the election, the rule of resource companies. Mineral raw materials useful minerals and unwanted minerals (usually referred to as gangue) or harmful minerals separated by physical or chemical methods or processes separated by a variety of useful minerals called dressing, also known as "Mineral Processing". Useful component products enriched called concentrate; useless enriched ingredients called tailings; useful component content between the concentrate and tailings to be processed further said in the mine. Metallic mineral concentrates mainly as a raw material to extract metals smelting industry; non-metallic mineral concentrates as other industrial raw materials; the coal selection of products for clean coal. Beneficiation can significantly improve the quality of mineral raw materials, reduce transportation costs, reduce the further processing difficulties, lower processing costs, and can realize the comprehensive utilization of mineral raw materials. As the world's mineral resources are increasingly scarce, more and more use of lean ore and complex ore, therefore increasing the amount of ore require beneficiation process. Currently, in addition to a small number of rich ore, metal and non-metal (including  

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