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Chrome floatation separation process and equipments

In the metallurgical industry, chromite is mainly used in the production of ferrochromium and metallic chromium. Chromium iron alloy as steel additives can produce a variety of high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to oxidation of special steels, such as stainless steel, acid resistant steel, heat-resistant steel, ball bearing steel, spring steel, tool steel.
Chromite is equiaxed crystal, eight hexagonal crystals are fine, usually in the form of granular and dense clumps aggregation, color black, brown streak, semi-metallic luster, hardness 5.5, the proportion is 4.2 to 4.8, with the weak magnetic. Chromite is magmatic minerals, produced in the ultramafic rocks, when the ore bearing rock suffered weathering damage, chromite often transferred to the placer. Chromite is the main mineral raw material for chromite smelting, rich iron low-grade ore can be used for advanced refractory.
Chrome floatation separation process
The mineral processing production line production process:

Mined ore first into the jaw crusher for preliminary broken, after crushing to reasonable size, by elevator and feeder sent evenly into ball mill. Through ball mill crush and grind ore. After the ore fine grinding by ball mill, into the next process: classification. Spiral classifier with different proportion of solid particles in the liquid precipitation and the principle of the different speed in the liquid, wash and  classification ore mixture. After cleaning and grading of the mineral mixture go through magnetic separator, due to a variety of ore different specific susceptibility, through magnetic force and mechanical force separate the magnetic material from mixture materials.
Through magnetic separatoe separate, mineral particles sent to the flotation machine, depending on different mineral characteristics add different drugs, making getted mineral separate from other minerals. After getted mineral separate from other minerals, due to contain a lot of water, by thickener initial concentration, drying by dryer machine, can get dried minerals.

Chrome floatation separation equipments:

Chrome floatation separation process
Chrome floatation separation equipment-flotation machine is suitable for sorting ferrous metals, can also be used for non metals, such as: coal fluorspar, talc separation. The flotation machine operates by motor triangle generation transmission drive impeller to rotate, generating centrifugal action to form negative pressure, on the one hand suction sufficient air and slurry mixing, on the other hand mixing pulp and drugs at the same time thinning foam, make mineral adhesive on foam, float to the pulp surface and formation of mineralized bubbles. Adjust the height of flashboard, control the liquid level, make the useful foam scraper scraping.

Chrome floatation separation process
Magnetic separator is mainly composed of roller, brush roller, cylinder, tank, magnetic system, the transmission part of 6 parts. Cylinder is by 2-3mm stainless steel plate roll welded tube, cover is aluminum parts or components, connected with the stainless steel screw and barrel. Magnetic separation machine motor through reducer or directly use non-polar motor, drives the cylinder, magnetic roller and the brush roller as rotary motion.

Generally chrome ore mineral processing use gravity separation process, include water elution mud, hydraulic classification and shaking beneficiation. But chrome ore also can use flotation separation to separate chrome ore. Our engineers can design the suitable beneficiation production line for customers according to users' actual need.

If you have any need or want to more about this beneficiation process and other beneficiation process, pls contact us by E-mail: melody.zhan@kf-machinery.com.

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