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Difference between gravity separation and flotation process

Flotation method grind monomer separation of fine mineral particles, according to the physical and chemical nature differences of mineral surface in pulp add flotation reagents, separate the useful minerals and gangue, obtains ore products.

Gravity separation is the use of crushed ore, because of the different density of useful minerals and gangue minerals, in the medium produced different movement to make separation, achieve concentrate product. 
What is the flotation method?
flotation processFlotation method, in many areas of the application is also very extensive, at home and abroad also often use flotation method to water purification or sewage treatment and so on, flotation and other mineral processing methods, to do the pre selection of material preparation work, that is, the ore need to pass through the grinding classification and its application in the flotation of the concentration of fineness, and other basic operations in flotation. Pulp adjustment and flotation reagents to join, to do so is to cause the difference of mineral surface properties, is to say, change the wettability of mineral surface, regulating the selectivity of mineral surface is part of mineral particles can be attached to the bubble, and some are not able to adhere to bubble. Stir and caused a large number of bubbles, to do so is with in flotation machine aeration stirring effect, lead to the pulp in the air diffusion and the formation of large bubbles, or prompt solution in the pulp formed the air micro bubble release.

What is the gravity separation?
gravity separationGravity separation concentration referred to as gravity separation, according to the different mineral density (usually called proportion), in moving medium by gravity, fluid power and other mechanical stress is  different, to achieve the density separation ore particle swarm process. Mineral particles, shape will affect the accuracy of the sorting density. All mixed mineral particles due to the difference in the density and in the movement of the medium. For example: water and higher density than water medium and air, settlement at different speeds, moving in different degrees, so as to achieve the separation of minerals, so the reselection process are to mineral particles in other media selection for settlement rules based.
Difference between gravity separation process and flotation process:
Because flotation process adopts crushing → grinding → floatation → concentrate treatment process, the gravity separation adopts broken → eliminated → grinding ore → shaker → concentrate treatment process. Therefore, the processing flow, plant configuration are not the same.
Above two kinds of mineral processing methods, dry and wet, move and static. Different mineral processing methods for different materials should be treated differently. Mineral processing test plant will provide you with a reasonable solution, so even though the ore variety, we can solve the problem of mineral processing technology.

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