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Fluorite mineral processing used fatty acid, oleic acid and xanthate as collector

Fluorite is one kind of mineral with chemical components as calcium fluoride (CaF2), the low melting point, according to its transparency, crystallization condition and use, can be divided into ordinary fluorite and fluorite optics of two categories.
Common ordinary fluorite is quite extensive, mainly used as a flux in the metallurgical industry (called fluorspar), secondly in the chemical industry is used to extract the fluorine element or the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid, carbon fluoride, hydrogen fluoride and other fluoride products, it is also main raw materials in glass, ceramics, diabase for cast parts industry.
Fluorite mineral processing
A variety of mineral separation technology process for fluorite ore:
1. fluorite calcium-removing beneficiation process:
Fluorite calcium-removing beneficiation process is relatively complex point, which is composed of once roughing and repeatedly concentrate, oleic acid or its substitute as collector for roughing, mixture with the acidic water glass as inhibitors of calcium minerals, and acidic water glass ratio is 1: 0.5 to 1: 2. Combined dosage is 0.5 - 1.5kg/t ore. The fluorite ore dressing process has the advantages of high efficiency removing calcium, simple process, low cost, can sort special grade fluorite concentrate with low calcium carbonate content from high calcium fluorite ore.

2. Fluorescent coating of natural fluorite:
The processing technology of natural fluorite optical coatings, the process is ore dressing - crushing - preparation - mixed sintering. The invention has the advantages of simple process, low cost and can meet all kinds of arts and crafts paint and fluorescent effect with need for goods.

3. fluorite flotation agent preparation method:
One preparation method of fluorite flotation collector, fluorite mineral make oleic acid production of intermediate products crude fatty acid or mixed fatty acid as raw materials, added to the weight of fatty acid weight 3% - 15%, make hair biochemical reaction, then to the reaction of adding weight in weight for fatty acid 0.4% - 3% dressing foaming agent is the product. The method provided by the invention has the advantages of low production cost, the production of fluorite flotation collector collecting ability, water solubility, good dispersion, suitable for in room temperature and low temperature flotation of fluorite.
Fluorite mineral processing
The main problem of fluorite flotation separation is to separate with quartz, calcite and barite and other gangue minerals.
1) containing sulfide ores fluorite ore
The first general use xanthate collectors to flotate sulfide ore, when necessary use sodium sulfide activated, then add fatty acid to obtain fluorite, sometimes in fluorite flotation operation, add a small amount of cyanide to restrain residual sulfide ore, in order to ensure the quality of fluorite concentrate.
2) calcite fluorite mine containing barite rock
The first general use oleic acid as collector, to add a small amount of aluminum salt to active fluorite, Adding dextrin can inhibit the activation of barite and calcite and active fluorite. When the dosage is less, water glass has the similar effect.
Fluorite mineral processing collector3) separation of fluorite and quartz
Use fatty acid as collector, water glass as gangue inhibitor, fluorite flotation, sodium carbonate is used to adjust the pulp pH 8-9.
The amount of water glass can be well controlled, a small amount of fluorite has activation, excessive fluorite also can be suppressed. In order to use less water glass, and can enhance the inhibition of quartz gangue, often add polyvalent heavy metal cations (Al3+, Fe2+) and alum, aluminum sulfate;
Add Cr3+, Zn2+ ions also has the effect, these ions not only for the quartz, and for calcite also has inhibition.
4) separation of fluorite and barite

The common use fluorite and barite mixed floating, then separate, mixed flotation uses oleic acid as collector, water glass as inhibitor. Separation of mixed concentrate, can use the following two methods:
(1) use dextrin or tannin with ferric salt to inhibition barite, use oleic acid floating fluorite.
(2) use alkyl sulfate fat flotation barite and fluorite concentrate will stay in the groove.

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