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High efficiency thickener low price for sale in Mexico

High efficiency thickener is suitable for ore dressing plant concentrate and tailings dewatering treatment, widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries. High efficiency thickener is not actually simple sedimentation equipment, but combine with mud layer filtration new type of dewatering equipment.

High efficiency thickener
High efficiency thickener (thickener) the main feature: add a certain amount of the flocculant in the concentrated pulp, the pulp of mineral particles to form flocs, accelerate the sedimentation speed, thereby improving the efficiency of the concentrate.
High efficiency thickener features:
(1) add the flocculant to increase particle size, thus speeding up the settlement velocity;
(2) install inclined plate to shortened ore particles, increases the settlement area;
(3) play mud deposited dense phase layer of flocculation, filtering, compression and improve the processing function;
(4) equipped with automatic control facilities.
The structure and composition:
High efficiency thickener is mainly made up of concentration tank, harrow frame, transmission device, harrow frame lifting device, feeding device, discharging device and signal safety device etc.
High efficiency thickener is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical industry, building materials, environmental protection departments mud, wastewater, waste residue, to improve the utilization rate of the underflow concentration of transportation and backwater and protect environment with important significance.
Thickener classification: center driving thickener, traction thickener, high efficiency thickener, sludge thickener, intermittent thickener, vertical flow and radial flow type continuous thickener.
High efficiency thickener low price:
High-efficiency thickener is one of high-efficiency thickening equipments produced by Henan Kefan with years' efforts. High-efficiency thickener can accelerate the settling velocity of fine particle ores and greatly enhance the processing capacity with large production capacity, small volume, evenly feeding, high degree of automation and smooth fall. As thickener with high-efficiency and energy-saving, it is widely used for dealing with the slime, waste water and waste residue in metallurgy, mines, coal, chemical industry, building materials and environmental protection department,etc.

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