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Magnetic separation of copper sulfide ores containing copper and magnetite

Magnetic separation of copper sulfide

Copper sulfide is the inorganic compound, is cupric sulfide, chemical formula is CuS, dark brown, very insoluble substance, is one of the most insoluble materials (after HgS, platinum sulfide, silver sulfide etc.), because its slightly solubility, makes some reaction that seemingly can't react can occur.
Mainly magnetite ore in irregular shaped inlay in gangue minerals, secondly granular output; magnetite and pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, pyrrhotite symbiosis; often along fissures or inter grain filling and cementation of magnetite, magnetite is metasomatic relict texture or a bag body structure, disseminated grain size is 0.043 - 0.833mm or 0.011 - 0.021mm; pyrite disseminated grain size is 0.02 - 0.417mm.

Magnetic separation process of copper sulfide ores containing copper and magnetite:
Crushing technology is two sections of a closed process, crushing product size is 15-0mm, by pendulum feeder into φ2.7m×2.7m ball mill, grinding into -200 mesh accounted for 65%, after mixing and adding drug, slurry into the flotation machine.
Foam proceed flotation separation of copper and sulfur, the rough concentrate of copper by two concentrate  to get copper concentrate; in flotation mechanism the pulp into sulfur flotation system flotation, copper scavenging tailings proceed sulfur once rough three sweep operation to obtain sulfur concentrate; after sulfur slurry by two sets of φ1.05m×1.8m weak magnetic separation machine to sort magnetite. Copper concentrate, sulfur fine sand, tailing after concentration, with plate and frame filter press for dewatering, mineral processing equipment of magnetite uses disc filter for mine dewatering.
Magnetic separation of copper sulfide
Copper concentrate grade and recovery rate is low, do not meet the requirements of market, Henan shisheng found out that most of the loss process of copper in the sulfur, the next step should be used for study new high efficiency collector to replace the original copper xanthate as the collector, at the same time optimizate  flotation equipment, improve the flotation index.
Iron concentrate with high sulfur content, process indicates that the reason lies in the sulfur flotation reagent mixing time and sulfur flotation are short of time, therefore before sulfur flotation increase the mixing barrel and increased sulfur flotation flotation cell.

Optimization of grinding technology, realize the productivity rise. But due to increase crushing size, making ball milling processing ability difficult to rise, therefore, renovation should be crushing equipment, expand the fine crushing equipment capacity, reducing the particle size of fine products, so as to improve the processing ability of the grinding separation system.

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