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Sphalerite ore beneficiation in Australia

Sphalerite ore beneficiationSphalerite: chemical composition is sulfide minerals ZnS, the crystal is isometric sulfide mineral. Same composition and belongs to six party system is called wurtzite. Sphalerite contains 67.1% zinc; usually containing iron, iron content can up to 30%, the iron content greater than 10% is called the marmatite.

Six tetrahedron crystal class: show tetrahedron o (111) or cube a (100), rhombic dodecahedron D (110) and n (112], Z (-357), and so on; crystal structure;
Crystal system and space group: Isometric system, space group Td2-F4-3m;
Crystal cell parameters: a0=5.40, Z=4;
Crystal powder data: 3.123 (1) 1.912 (0.51) 1.633 (0.3)
In the mineral processing industry, we call in sphalerite containing iron content above 6% is called as marmatite, the amount of iron content depend on deposit formation and properties, marmatite's magnetic strength is in direct proportion to iron content, the higher iron content, the stronger the magnetism, generally when the magnetic intensity is in the 0.2-0.3T, marmatite can be directly into the high magnetic products. So in the selection of zinc concentrate first carries on the magnetic separation, equivalent to removing impurities, but here removed belongs to containing iron sphalerite of high iron content. A lead-zinc ore dressing plant in the preliminary process test analysis: the amount of iron in the 6.81-15.09%, in could be sorted containing sphalerite of high iron and other magnetic material by magnetic separation, the zinc concentrate grade increased by 3.89%, recovery rate can be 98.8%.
Then the impact selected technological points is actually zinc atom in the lattice replaced by the three valent iron ions, make its valence and charge state out of balance, reduce the hole concentration, sphalerite into N type semiconductor minerals sphalerite, thus affecting the floatability, due to an increase in the electron density, is not conducive to the collector of the adsorbent, so the higher the iron content, an increase in lattice parameter and crystal surface can reduce the more, the greater the lattice of ionic bond, peninsula of changes, leading to float more bad.
Sphalerite Ore Processing Plant:
Sphalerite ore beneficiation
In the sphaleritemining process, it can be divided into three stages which include crushing stage, grinding stage and beneficiation stage, the crushing stage serves as the basic role. Typically, in the primary crushing, often use jaw crusher. Impact crusher is often used as secondary crushing machine in the process of sphalerite mining. The PFW series impact crusher is very suitable for open-pit crushing in quarries. In the sphalerite ore processing plant, beneficiation machine is used to produce sphalerite concentrate. As for the sphalerite beneficiation machine, flotation machine plays an important role. And the flotation machine produced by SBM features high efficiency and low power consumption. Besides, sphalerite concentrate will be specially treated by dryer. So the dry products are finished.

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