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The impact factors of gold mineral processing

80% of the country's election gold company with gold flotation concentrate more sent to ferrous smelter processing output.Cyanide gold extraction by increasing development and enterprise to improve economic efficiency and reduce the loss of concentrate shipments, a large change in product mix in recent years,to take a more in-situ treatment (of course, due to the contradiction between the dressing and smelting and pricing and other issues, forcing the mine to place its own) to promote greater development flotation process occupies a fairly important position in the selected gold production in. The factors which affect the efficiency of the gold mine of sorting let us explain:
1. Solution pH:; impurity removal process of gold mineral processing equipment, the effect on the recovery of the pH value of the impurity effect and gold is still relatively large. Liquid to solid ratio of 7, and when the temperature is greater than 75 degrees Celsius, a solution of metal ions with the increase of the ultimate PH value and the precipitation rate increases, but the scope of the PH value of the precipitate by them, can be seen that the copper PH = 5, iron pH = 6.7 , the precipitation is substantially complete, and magnesium in the PH value of less than 7 before the precipitation rate of little change, and the sharp increase in the ratio of precipitation pH value greater than 7. Therefore, to make the iron and copper precipitate gold loss as little as possible, you must strictly control the PH value 6
2. Lime add speed
The the gold beneficiation equipment impurity process, lime addition rate faster recoveries of gold lower control limewater speed start 3-5ml / min, under normal circumstances, the last 1-2ml / min, this effect Preferably, and neutralized to PH = 6.7 when necessary to add the limewater about 80ml, or 24 g of the industrial lime, and the time is about 35 minutes.
3. Purify time and temperature
When the the gold beneficiation temperature greater than 75 degrees Celsius, PH = 6.7, iron copper precipitation rate greater than 97.4%, gold recovery rate is increased with time, this the impurity removal time is only related to the recovery of gold, has nothing to do with iron copper precipitation rate.Purify appropriate extension of time in order to improve the recovery rate of gold. Impurity removal process is the higher the temperature, Mineral Processing more,while the temperature is not for the removal of debris,and therefore,in order to improve the rate of Mineral Processing, impurity temperature to as high as possible a number of.

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