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Wet pan mill, gold grinding machine exporter to india

Wet pan mill

Wet pan mill is widely used to sort ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and nonmetals, as well as precious metals like gold and silver. It mainly consists of driving device, frame, water basin, grinding wheels and grinding base, etc. Wet grinding machine specifications use  grinding roller diameter as code, Φ160, Φ150, Φ140, Φ130 type wet grinding machine can be used for separating iron, molybdenum and zinc lead antimony, tungsten ore,etc. Φ120, Φ110, Φ100, Φ900 type can be used for the user to sort gold. The 900 type of wet grinding machine is suitable for small and medium sized enterprises to use. The 1500 type of wet grinding machine is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises to use.

This machine grinds ores by wheel driving force: firstly, the power is transferred from the motor to the reducer, then to the horizontal shaft, and finally to the grinding wheel; the wheels then rotate anticlockwise. The wheels can revolve around the vertical shaft of the pan mill, at the same time, it can revolve on its own axis, while the grinding base will remain still. The ores are then pressed, rubbed and grinded repeatedly.

In the wet pan mill structure operation, the transmission structure play the role of decision function, three kinds of transmission ways:

Wet pan mill
1, synchronous motor gear transmission. Characteristics is compact structure and simple, high transmission efficiency. Synchronous motor has high starting torque, high power factor and improve the power factor of the network, and wet mill equipment often start in a good load, so choose this mode of transmission is appropriate, this kind of transmission shortcomings are synchronous motor with large volume, high cost, maintenance complex.
2, asynchronous motor, reducer, gear drive has more compact structure, low price, but the large amount of maintenance, lower transmission efficiency. Because the reducer usually rare lubrication, this will increase leak because of bad sealing.
3, the triangle belt, gear transmission. The advantages are easy manufacture and maintenance is simple. The disadvantage is the low transmission efficiency, large occupied area, and the belt should be regularly tension, when tension needed to stop.

India ore export condition in 2014:
It is understood that India is following later Australia, Brazil, China third big iron ore exporter, on China's iron ore export volume in 2009 reached 1.175 hundred million tons, 63.5% India powder ore price is also once China's iron ore benchmark mall.
These years iron ore logistics costs rise, the east coast of a tax increase and the government introduced a series of other constraints of iron ore export measures, thereby reducing iron ore exports to India, also affected the India on China's iron ore exports range.
As India is one of largest ore producer countries, and is third ore exporter of China, so mining machinery has huge potential, and china's many equipments have exported to india every year.

Wet pan mill exporter to india:

Wet pan mill is one of mineral processing equipments, and can be used to sort a lot of ores, such as ferrous metals (example: gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, iron, manganese minerals.), nonferrous metals and nonmetals, and other precious metals. As wet pan mill has simple structure, easy operation, low cost, and high production efficiency, so wet pan mill is popular all over the word, and wet pan mill in China also has big market in India.

Henan shisheng is the professional mineral processing equipments manufacturer in China, our products have exported to many countries, such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey, Israel, Burma, Jordan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Guinea, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Congo, Gabon, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana,etc.

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