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Several beneficiation methods of siderite ore

Siderite due to low grade, in the world is not widely used, the magnetic separation methods are mainly roasting magnetic separation and gravity separation method, but is not the only this several processing methods.

The main process of siderite: single gravity separation, single high intensity magnetic separation, single flotation, magnetic and gravity floating combined process and magnetization roasting - weak magnetic separation process.
Gravity separation is currently used in industry, the most important siderite ore dressing method, mainly used for rough, medium grain siderite separation and pre concentration of coarse. Siderite, smaller density, are classified as refractory ores, so can use heavy suspension concentration, but jigging + medium heavy suspension concentration are used more.
Roasting in the mineral processing of the mineral ore also occupy a more important position, in addition that roasting can improve the iron concentrate grade, the iron ore is discharged from CO2 after roasting, so that the ore gap increases, thereby increasing the contact area with the reducing gas, which has a good reduction. 
The magnetization roasting of siderite is mainly neutral roasting, and the main influence factors of the roasting process are the main factors that affect the roasting process, such as the roasting furnace, the roasting fuel, the reducing agent, calcination temperature and reduction time.
Siderite belongs to the weak magnetic mineral, which can be used for the recovery of magnetic equipment. Siderite uses weak magnetic - strong magnetic process, the iron grade is increased from 27.5% to 42.35%, the recovery rate is 82.18%.
Siderite can float and close to hematite, use the flotation process to recovery micro-fine particle siderite, or further improve high magnetic and gravity separation of coarse concentrate grade, is an effective method to improve the fine siderite ore grade.
In addition to the introduction of single ore dressing method, now more commonly used and combined processing method, such as magnetic roasting magnetic separation and reverse flotation process, flotation of copper magnetization roasting magnetic separation process, combined process can complement each other, combined with multi effect, maximum provided high grade iron concentrate and finished product recovery rate.

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