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Suppressing zinc in copper zinc flotation process in America

copper zinc flotation processSince the copper zinc separation is difficult, because the majority of copper zinc polymetallic ore individual metal element content is low, at the same time because the copper sulfide, zinc minerals belongs to similar thermodynamic properties minerals, separation from each other is difficult, so lead to copper sulfide minerals and zinc sulfide mineral difficult to effective separation, shows in production that the main metal recovery rate of copper and zinc concentrate is low, and the impurity content is high. For copper, zinc symbiosis or associated multi metal sulfide, most mines or only separated from a single copper concentrate, or separation of zinc concentrate, either due to mineral processing difficulty so without effective development, only a few mines of copper zinc separation, even so, dressing plant of copper zinc separation beause the beneficiation process does not match so it will be difficult to copper minerals and zinc mineral effective separation, not only affect the recovery rate of copper, zinc metal, at the same time, the quality of copper zinc concentrate is not high, so that all resource comprehensive utilization rate is low.

At present, mostly used copper zinc priority flotation process, the collector uses the xanthate as copper collector in the copper flotation for copper and zinc, adding zinc inhibitor, realize the separation of copper and zinc to obtain copper concentrates in high alkaline conditions, copper separation tailings under the conditions of high alkali (pH > 12) add zinc activation agent, using xanthate as the collector of zinc sulphur separation. Although the technology to a certain extent solved the problem of separation of copper and zinc, obtain copper and zinc concentrate, but also has some shortcomings:
copper zinc flotation process1, in the selection of copper use xanthate as the collector of copper, the xanthate has less selective, part of an easy selection zinc minerals will with copper minerals float, resulting in a large number of zinc mineral entrainment in copper concentrate, lead to decline in copper concentrates quality.
2, in the selection of copper use high alkali (pH > 12) floating copper, resulting in lead zinc circulation add a large number of activating agent of zinc, increasing the cost of production.
3, when in the copper and zinc mineral, zinc exist in sphalerite form, because marmatite in high alkali (pH > 12) conditions even add activating agent, is also not easy to be activated, so it is difficult to carry on the recovery of zinc mineral, resulting in waste of mineral resources.

A process for refractory copper zinc separation of sulfide mineral flotation, include selection of copper, zinc selection steps, preferential flotation of copper, use collector, add a combined inhibitor, in the pulp pH neutral conditions realize the separation of copper and zinc;
Secondly, float zinc, use piecewise regulated floating pulp pH, control of pulp pH in 9 - 10 between roughing, the increase of pulp pH in 10- 11 during separation, use the activator CuSO4, collector is butyl xanthate;
The use of foaming agent for 2# oil floating copper;
Collector include the weight ratio of 45-65% ethyl a thiocarbamic acid isopropyl ester, the weight ratio of 55-35% two ethyl two dithiocarbamate ester; combined inhibitor to include the weight ratio of 50% humic acid sodium, the weight ratio of 50% calcium chloride;
The use of foaming agent for 2# oil floating zinc;
Float zinc before adding lime to adjust pH value of pulp.
copper zinc flotation process
Copper zinc flotation process adaptability designed by Henan shisheng is strong, stable production target, not only can the recovery of copper, but also can significantly improve the copper, zinc concentrate quality and recovery rate of copper, zinc, and significantly reduce production costs, increase profitability, non environmental pollution.

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