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Introduce the difference between natural copper and brass

CopperCopper, also known as pyrite, also known as square copper, is the ore of sulfides ore minerals-pyrite produced in the metallic minerals, sedimentary rock and igneous rock contact zone, is also found in metamorphic rocks. Distribution in Liaoning, Shanxi, Hebei, Sichuan, Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, etc. All year round collection, remove impurities after digging, cleaning, drying, smashing to obtain, but rarely used, most bt calcination or vinegar quenching processing to the surface showing dark brown, shiny disappeared, crisp, crushed into coarse powder into medicine.
Main components is pyrite (FeS2), flat, spicy, non-toxic, with dispersing blood stasis and relieving pain, continued reunion efficacy for the treatment of traumatic swelling, bones broken disease, multiple input pill powder, can also be topical grind end apply. The market has to pretend to be the natural copper sulfides ore minerals - chalcopyrite, pyrite ore's main components is copper pyrite(CuFeS2), attention to the use of differential.

Genuine natural copper:
Mostly six square body, diameter 0.2 - 2.5 cm, angled, bright pale yellow; streak green black or red brown, smooth surface, sometimes visible fine texture, opaque, metallic luster; weight, quality of hard and brittle, easily broken, the section is yellowish white, with metallic luster; no smell, no taste. But burning has sulfur gas. Block neat, color yellow and bright, section with metallic luster is preferred.

brassCounterfeit chalcopyrite:
Its appearance is irregular dense block assembly, surface brassy, easily weathered blue, purple and brown mixed porphyritic color, with intervening streak green black, with metallic luster, opaque, fracture is uneven, brittle, fragile, gas micro, light.

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