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which aspects need to be improved in iron ore beneficiation equipment ?

Since the reform and opening up,the construction of the country's economic development, much steel demand is gradually increasing, iron ore beneficiation equipment has made considerable development, but the development also exist many problems, the main problem facing iron ore beneficiation equipment is the following aspects:
Single species of mineral processing equipment, and the concentrator can only choose several types currently on the market only, nothing more than self-mill, ball mill, rod mill. Since the mill to its selective beneficiation role optimistic beneficiation workers, but its hard grind presence of particles gave great obstacle to promote the use of. This is because of the deal with the hard grind particle crushing system is very strict entry restrictions of iron, very difficult to achieve elimination of non-ferromagnetic metal and ferromagnetic metal and difficult to separate the magnetic minerals, stone crushing system is difficult to run, so that from the unable to raise the production capacity of the mill can not meet the beneficiation production requirements, thus limiting the promotion and application of equipment from the mill in the selection of iron mountain. Accurate than iron fittings, and the stone crushing system to relax the restrictions on the Iron boundaries, the direction of future research.

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