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Disposal of lead slag - lead slag beneficiation processes

lead oreLead slag is composed of various metal and nonmetal oxides. The main chemical composition of the slag is FeO, CaO, SiO2 and ZnO, which accounts for 90% of the total lead slag. The content of ZnO decreased with the increase of CaO and SiO2, and the content of ZnO was about 5% - 25%, while the content of ZnO was low, the content of SiO230%, FeO37%, CaO18%. To eliminate the discharged slag pollution in the process of lead smelting and make the valuable components in the process comprehensive utilization, this process is called  disposal of lead slag.

Lead slag beneficiation process:
Lead and zinc slag is solid waste generated in the process of smelting lead zinc mine, the solid smelting slag usually containing iron and lead, is the solid waste in the iron lead symbiotic particle, zinc slag can be divided into dry residue and water slag and the process for the wet slag based, wet slag, iron, lead, symbiotic particles and zinc was wrapped in solid waste, to separation of iron, lead, symbiotic particle must be crushing and grinding of slag to break the intergrowth structure, make the iron silver granules can be monomer dissociation and grinding of zinc and iron lead particles and waste residue basic dissociation.
The whole separation process includes crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation and other processes.
lead slag beneficiation processes
1, crushing process
Crushing process uses a section of jaw crusher, large material is broken to 50mm, the type and quantity of the crusher is determined according to the actual processing capacity, in order to reduce the production cost and process complexity, the general crushing process uses a section of rough.
2, grinding process
Simple crushing process can make the part of the waste residue and iron silver symbiotic particles monomer dissociation, but there are still many difficult to break the material, and the material in the presence of a lot of 5mm particles, in order to improve the monomer dissociation degree, it is usually necessary to grind the material, the use of grinding equipment will not cause damage to the equipment, so the grinding equipment is very important in the whole process.
According to the different properties of zinc, choose grinding mill or rod mill. The use of ball mill grinding, can completely break the iron lead alloy particles and the structure of the residue between the slag, the next step in the separation of the effect of prayer.
 And the advantages of rod mill in large capacity, high efficiency of ore grinding, the surrounding the discharge way solves the problem of mine clearance grinding, but grinding efficiency is lower than ball mill.
3. magnetic separation process
due to symbiotic zinc, iron, lead, so you can use iron has the characteristics of high permeability, using method of magnetic separation of iron, lead, symbiotic particle recovery. After grinding the mineral into the wet magnetic separator, the iron and lead can be separated from the waste residue, and the purpose of the recovery of iron and lead is to be recovered. And waste due to the smelting slag by rotary kiln for calcination containing higher heating value (general in more than 2000 kcal), therefore waste residue has higher value can will sell waste residue brick and make use of the internal firing brick.

4. flotation process
After iron and lead of the body is broken, the lead due to its own nature, will still be attached to the iron. So in order to make iron and lead separation, must through flotation, zinc is floating, iron reverse float, can separate lead to lead and iron.

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