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Widely used lumpy mineral sorter machine in south africa

According to the ore minerals and gangue mineral proportion, usually the ore is divided into two categories. The ore minerals containing more than 80%, called the massive ore.
Massive ore generally do not need to ore dressing, use convenient.

Before mineral processing, mineral raw material preparation work has smash (including crushing and grinding), screening and grading, sometimes including ore washing.
The mineral processing and sorting method:
The particle size of mined ore is 500 - 1500mm, crushing to particle size 5 - 25mm. Methods have crush, beat and hack, usually by coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing of three stages.

Grinding and impact as major. The crushing product grinding to particle size 10 to 300μm. Grinding granularity is determined according to the size of the disseminated ores in the useful minerals and the sorting method. Grinding equipment commonly used are: rod mill, ball mill, autogeneous mill and semi autogenous grinding etc. Grinding operations has high energy consumption, usually accounts for about half of total consumption of mineral processing. Since 80s the application of various new lining board and other measures, the grinding efficiency has been improved, energy consumption has decreased.

Screening and classification:
According to the screen surface mesh size, materials are devided into different granularity, which is called screening, commonly used in the treatment of coarse grain materials. According to the particles in the medium (usually water) sedimentation velocity is different, the material is divided into different reducing level, called classification, used for smaller granular material. Screening and classification is in the crushing process distinguish appropriate particle size material, or the material is divided into different granularity to sort.

Ore washing:

In order to avoid the mud containing mineral raw material crushing, screening equipment, the need for washing. Raw materials such as soluble useful or harmful ingredients, but also to wash ore. Washing ore can be carried out in the scrubbing machine, may also carry on the sieving and grading device.

Separation process:
Mineral materials through smashing operation into the sorting process, making useful minerals and gangue separation, or making all kinds of useful minerals separation. This is the main part of mineral processing. Ore beneficiation methods are gravity separation, flotation process, electric separation, sorting and chemical mineral processing etc.

Lumpy mineral sorter machine used in mineral processing:
High frequency vibration sieve:
High frequency vibration sieve (high frequency sieve) principle and common screening equipment is different, because of the use of high frequency, one side destroyed the pulp surface tension and fine material in the sieve surface speed oscillation, accelerated density usefulminerals andseparationeffect, increasing the probability of less than separation size and mesh contact material. Resulting in better separation conditions, make less than the granularity of material, especially the ratio of particle and pulp major get through the sieve pore together product. Has the advantages of high efficiency, small amplitude, the advantages of high rate of screen divider.

Magnetic agglomeration gravity separator:
Gravity separation equipment changes the magnetic separation method of single magnetic agglomeration gravity separator, magnetic agglomeration is the new method of mineral magnetic gravity organically, with small investment, quick effect, high quality, high yield, energy saving, reduce costs and so on, at the same time separation of low grade ore, greater improvement in yield the amplitude, grade, expand the scope of the optional ore, magnetic agglomeration gravity separator is the preferred equipment for iron ore enterprises technological transformation. The working principle of magnetic agglomeration gravity separator is to make full use of the magnetic field magnetization attract each other and produce magnetic agglomeration, in liquid medium, expands the difference with gangue it can not be reunited and lean magnetite intergrowth particles settling velocity of particles increases because of magnetic agglomeration, thus can be sorted using hydraulic classification method for re-election. In the magnetic agglomeration device set specific clearance of weak magnetic field and shear the rising water under the action of certain concentration of magnetite produced reunion, loose, reunion moment alternately, side edge to be constantly cleaning settlement, finally from the underflow discharge. Lean magnetite intergrowth nonmagnetic gangue and magnetic weak is the rising water is brought out, the process after the transformation, can make the tailings particle size greatly put thick, reduces tailing products mill, and has reached the monomer dissociation of pure magnetite particle grinding.

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