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Magnetite beneficiation equipment lands mobile phone portal to develop mobile marketing

Magnetite beneficiation equipment survey shows all parts of the country, all walks of life have been associated with the 3G mobile business to achieve a comprehensive integration, mobile Internet let marketing change from the traditional "advertised "to personalized " private customer service " , and effectively avoid invalid advertising of the traditional marketing advertising  caused by the factors such as time, space and audience deviation, let a lot of enterprises feel the charm of 3G.
In many marketing modes,Chinese industry portal Wireless Network Alliance launched the product business circle,which enjoys the favor of all sides, it will not only help enterprise implement low cost mobile informatization, also use the " logo " features to help enterprises from traditional extensive marketing management, transform to " intensive and meticulous farming " precision marketing,so as to achieve resource set priority, setting up the enterprise brand marketing.
Beijing Chang Hui and total network launched the Chinese mineral processing equipment shopping is such a platform, China mineral processing equipment business responsible person said, currently in the market there are a variety of magnetic separation equipment, but single handling capacity is not ideal, the reason is that it cannot solve magnetic hollow difficulty of large magnetic equipment. Beijing Chang Hui automation system limited company from 2000 began specializing in mining equipment production and research and development, after nearly 10 years of research, finally solved the industrial difficulty, large magnetic equipment magnetic hollow problem. The technology breakthrough not only can achieve the large equipment of large yield, good separating effect, but also make the effect of original equipment more prominent. The equipment adopts advanced PID self-optimizing control, the use of man-machine interface ( HMI ), touch screen operation, animation display equipment operation,it can achieve a variety of functions. At present,  the stepless frequency elutriation separator with this technology are comprehensively promoted in state-owned enterprises and small and mediumsized enterprises and hundreds of ore dressing plant, through production practice it achieved better effect than the original magnetic accumulating machine.

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