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Improved development of the mineral processing equipment

Due to the large number of mineral resources development and utilization of available resources continue to decrease, resulting in ore mining taste dwindling, smelting and subsequent processing of the ore-dressing product quality requirements are increasing. At the same time, human environmental awareness is increasing. The reality of mineral processing equipment, the increasingly high requirements to promote mineral processing equipment to keep the bigger, better, and the development of energy-efficient direction.
The beneficiation equipment manufacturers improvements must be carried out, and need to make a big gear seat in the improvement process, but because of the lack of materials and processing technology constraints, cut off after the original gear seat welded to the new cone up to solve this problem in the mineral processing equipment in the improvement process is a complex and important work, improve their work early, before unloading machine, leaving the center point and the center line of the flag, and please experience of older workers for the job. Improvements, we must first make a 120-degree cone, making this part of the technology, but also the complexity of the required 16 mm copper plate heated to a red state, on the premade vertebral mallet to knock molding , the copperplate cold fast, if the operation is the microfilm slow point copper plate is hot.

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