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What is pulp density in mineral processing?

Mineral processing technology of slurry concentration is mainly the concept of concentration and fineness, in the mineral processing process has a very important role. It directly affects the technical and economic indexes of mineral processing technology. Therefore, a good grasp of the pulp concentration is very important in the ore dressing process.

C=Q1/Q * 100%=Q1/ (Q1+Q2) * 100%
Type C -- The weight percent of pulp concentration,%;
Q1 -- solid pulp weight, kg;
Q2 -- weight pulp liquid, kg;
Q -- pulp weight, kg.
Pulp concentration in addition to expressed in percent concentration, also commonly used liquid solid ratio (R) said, the pulp contains the weight of the liquid Q2 and pulp contains Q1 solid weight ratio of the formula is: R=Q2/Q1.
The effect of pulp concentration on the beneficiation process:
(1) the mineral recovery. This is mainly reflected in the flotation process, in a variety of mineral flotation, slurry concentration and recovery rate has a certain regularity. When the pulp is very dilute, recovery rate is low, with the increasing of the concentration of the pulp. The rate of recovery increased gradually, and reached the maximum value. But more than the best slurry concentration, recovery rate and reduce. The reason is because the pulp concentration is too high or too low will cause the deterioration of conditions of inflatable flotation machine. So the production should grasp the appropriate mineral concentration.
(2) the final concentrate quality, in the more dilute pulp flotation, concentrate with high quality, and in a thick pulp flotation, concentrate quality decline.
(3) auxiliary reagent dosage balance, drug concentration in the flotation added to the slurry will be auxiliary adjuvant, its main role is to obtain good flotation indexes. When higher concentration of slurry, liquid medicine agent increased, can reduce the dosage of per ton of ore processing. On the contrary, when the slurry concentration is low, the dosage of per ton of ore increased.
(4) flotation machine production capacity, with the increase of pulp concentration, flotation machine according to production capacity also increased.
(5) processing time and in high concentration of pulp, flotation time will increase, is conducive to improve the recovery rate, an increase of the productivity of flotation machine.
(6) the higher energy consumption, pulp concentration, water treatment per ton of ore consumption will be less.
In the actual production process, in order to achieve good separation effect, general during ore dressing in addition to keep the optimum pulp density, will combine the ore properties and specific dressing conditions. To sum up the rules is: flotation density, coarse grained minerals, often with higher pulp concentration; when the flotation of low density, fine granularity or slime, lower concentration of the slurry; roughing operation with high pulp density can obtain high recovery rate and save chemicals, featured with low concentration, to improve the grade of concentrate.

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