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How to reasonable design pyrrhotite ore dressing shaker table surface? Location: Home >>News >>Profession news

How to reasonable design pyrrhotite ore dressing shaker table surface?

pyrrhotite orePyrrhotite is a kind of iron sulfide minerals in the pyrrhotite family, its composition containing sulfur reaches 40%, thus can be used for the production of sulfuric acid. When the nickel content is very high, can be refined nickel. Pyrrhotite has metallic luster, shows dark bronze yellow with red. General massive produced in copper nickel sulfide deposits. If pyrrhotite is at the surface, easily weathered into limonite.

The general principles of ore beneficiation process: (1) single flotation method: general processing disseminated fine granularity metamorphic system, later contact metasomatic type and deterioration pyrite; (2) single gravity separation method is suitable for treating coarse grain disseminated pyrite; (3) gravity separation- flotation joint process is suitable for treatment dissemination thickness nonuniform sulfur iron ore.

Non ferrous metal ore containing magnetite through crushing, grinding, the pyrite and gangue and other metal sulfide mineral separation, and then through the ore dressing, respectively produced a variety of concentrate. The pyrite is the associated mineral, ore dressing recovery generally focus on the major metal minerals recovery. According to different ore, nature, often use the different beneficiation process. Some process structure and reagent system is relatively simple, and some are very complex.
pyrrhotite ore dressing shaker table
Shaking table in magnetite ore dressing equipment is also essential, in the shaking table production process, according to the process, their mechanical properties are not the same. So how to reasonable design the shaking table bed surface of magnetite ore dressing equipment?

First shaking table mold: first trial use wooden mold, because the wooden mold is easy deformation, the service life is short, so later all adopt metal mould.
pyrrhotite ore dressing shaker table
Secondly shaking table materials of magnetite ore dressing equipment:
(1) table using the 307# mannitol resin as the main binder, wear-resisting layer adopts polyester epoxy hybrid resin and northeast corundum wear-resistant filler prepared.
(2) use without wax 0.5mm thick grid cloth as the main reinforcing material.
(3) framework uses 3 - 6mm thick steel plate to make into different shapes and sizes of reinforced beam to be welded.
(4) the release agent use polyethylene propionyl release agent and paraffin wax is refined. In addition, also used the corresponding initiator, promoter, part use the thixotropic resin, gel coat resin.

Production process: the process of shaking table roughly as follows: prepared mold - put release agent - clean agent - wear-resisting layer - laying glass cloth - glue - pressurized steel skeleton - conformal - release - test - retest - finished grinding. Steel skeleton feeding 164kg, shaking the raw material for 179kg, after two hours of continuous operation, that is, to complete the construction task, release 5 days after deformation, after stripping the actual weight of 325kg.

Finally is to test the shaking process index:
The table concentrator bed surface in the grinding process heavy workshop contrast test, were installed in the fine roughing and middling compound sorting, processing grain size range: 0.5 - 0.2mm, 0.2 - 0.074mm. Prospective examining object is parallel operation fine roughing, processing of the mineral is albite, niobium, tantalum containing lithium, rubidium, cesium and other multi metal ore, beneficiation is designed from feldspar, quartz and topaz and gangue elected rich manganese niobium tantalum ore, tantalum containing cassiterite and fine spar tantalum and niobium mineral. In stroke, time, amount of processing are in normal state, tantalum and niobium recoveries of up to about 66%, according to the test data of multiple shows, the cradle bed surface and the wood lacquer bed new surface effect are similar, can obtain satisfactory recovery rate index.

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