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Tantalum niobium mineral processing equipment - Tantalite processing machine in South Africa

Tantalum niobium mineral processing equipmentTantalite:

molecular formula: (Fe, Mn) (, Nb) (Ta,) 2O6 
properties: a kind of tantalum containing niobium minerals.
Tantalum ore is the oxide minerals of iron, manganese and tantalum, and is the main ore minerals, and is the secondary ore minerals of niobium. Iron black or brown black. Columnar or plate orthorhombic crystal.
The density: 6.2 - 8.2g/cm3, Mohs hardness: 6 - 6.5. Brittle and weak magnetic properties. Insoluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid. Occurs in granite pegmatites, and beryl, samarskite, sodium, stone flower variscite symbiotic. Mineral contain tantalum pentoxide 41% -84%, niobium pentoxide 2% - 40%.
Tantalum niobium ore roughing generally use the gravity separation method, concentration often use gravity separation, flotation, electromagnetic selection or dressing metallurgy combination process, powder ore or native mud content of ore processing, ore washing process is essential. At the same time, adopts grinding and classification equipment, in order to reduce the tantalum niobium mineral mud. 
Tantalum niobium ore dressing generally use gravity separation to discard most of gangue minerals, obtained from low grade mixed crude concentrate into the cleaning operation of rough concentrate minerals composition is complex, contains a variety of useful minerals, difficult separation, usually adopt a variety of processing methods such as gravity concentration, flotation, electric magnetic separation or metallurgy combination process is selected, so as to achieve the separation of a variety of useful minerals.
Tantalum and niobium flotation commonly used collecting agents are fatty acids, arsonic acids, phosphonic acids, hydroxy hydroxamic acid, cationic collector, catching agent of environmental pollution and the cost of reagent to head an important. Along with the development of chemical industry, wide raw material sources, simple synthetic process, easy biodegradation, good selectivity, non-toxic harmless, reasonable price agents will continue to appear meet the needs of tantalum niobium ore dressing plant.

Tantalum niobium mineral processing equipment - Tantalite processing machine:
Tantalum niobium mineral processing equipment
The primary ore of niobium often adopts stage grinding, multi section gravity separation. In the grinding circuit usually add the grading equipment, in order to advance the recovery of monomer mineral. Tantalum and niobium placer because of the mineral liberation is quite good, generally do not need crushing and grinding, before selected the screening, remove the stones and pebbles and roughing, coarse grain tantalum niobium ore adopts jig roughing, roughing concentrate adopts shaking tabling concentration; fine grain niobium tantalum ore adopts jigging machine or roughing table, roughing concentrate adopts tabling concentration. This process is small investment, quick effect, low cost, less environmental pollution, etc.
Henan Kefan is the professional mineral processing equipments manufactuer in China, we can supply various of ore beneficiation equipments, such as china drum magnetic separator, china shaking table, china flotation tank, china ore dressing, etc.
If you have any requirement or any need, pls contact us by E-mail: melody.zhan@kf-machinery.com

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