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Small scale tantalum niobium ore dressing process and equipment

tantalum niobium oreTantalite molecular formula:
(Fe, Mn) (Ta, Nb) 2O6 properties: containing tantalum niobium minerals. Tantalum ore is iron, manganese, tantalum oxide mineral, is the main ore minerals, tantalum, niobium ore mineral is secondary. Iron black or brown black. Columnar crystal or plate, orthorhombic.
Density is 6.2 - 8.2g/cm3, Mohs hardness is 6 - 6.5. Brittle, weak magnetic. Insoluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid. Appear from the granite pegmatite, often with beryl, samarskite, sodium stone flower, spodumene, variscite intergrowth. Minerals containes tantalum pentoxide 41% - 84%, columbic anhydride 2% - 40%.

Tantalum niobium ore dressing technology:
Tantalum niobium ore dressing roughing generally use the gravity separation, concentration often use flotation, gravity concentration, electromagnetic selection or combination of process and metallurgy, powder ore processing or primary sludge content of ore, ore washing operation is essential, at the same time using high efficient grinding grading equipment, in order to reduce the tantalum niobium mineral mud.
Tantalum niobium flotation common collector is fatty acids, arsenic acids, phosphonic acids, hydroxamic acids, cationic collector, collector of environmental pollution and cost of reagent to head an important problem. With the development of chemical industry, wide raw material sources, simple synthetic process, easy degradation and selective, agent non-toxic harmless, reasonable price will continue to occur, to meet the demand of tantalum niobium ore dressing plant.
tantalum niobium ore dressing
Mineral processing technology of tantalum niobium ores is determined by the characteristics of rare metal ore, content composition and mineral composition factors. The current treatment methods of tantalum niobium ore minerals mainly include gravity separation, magnetic separation, gravity separation, flotation, planktonic electric separation and chemical treatment. Beneficiation process is generally divided into roughing and cleaning of two parts. Roughing is mainly using gravity concentration process, but also by a combined process of magnetic separation flotation, choose some other results obtained low grade mixed crude concentrate. Selection of tantalum and niobium rough concentrate, because of its complex composition, separation difficulties, often need to use magnetic separation, gravity separation, gravity separation, flotation, planktonic electric separation, chemical processing method to a combination of two or more to achieve separation of a variety of useful minerals; especially the separation of tantalum and niobium and niobium iron ore and some difficult selected minerals such as garnet, tourmaline, monazite, more need to use a variety of methods.

Tantalum niobium ore dressing methods:
(1) gravity separation method: because the valuable minerals density in the tantalum niobium ore is above 4t/m3, therefore, gravity separation is the main method of this kind of ore. For coarse grained niobium tantalum ore use jigging machine, spiral concentrator or rotating spiral roughing, coarse concentrate use shaking table concentrate; fine grain niobium tantalum ore use spiral chute or shaker roughing, coarse concentrate use shaking table selection; tantalum niobium mineral mud adopts centrifugal concentrator or multi-layer bed turning roughing, coarse concentrate adopts belt chute combined with slimer selection. This process has two features: one is the implementation of stage grinding, multi section gravity, try to make the useful composition over crushing; two is before shaking table processing, the material through the very narrow classification, early recovery monomer dissociation of minerals. Gravity flow has less investment and low cost, but the slime separation efficiency is low.

(2) flotation method: flotation and gravity separation often combine to sorting tantalum niobium mineral mud, in order to reduce the loss of tantalum niobium ore in the mud and improve tantalum niobium concentrate grade. Before flotation process usually use small diameter cyclone or centrifugal concentrator for desliming. Flotation beneficiation index is high, but large reagent consumption, high production cost. Flotation separation method is often used in niobium tantalum concentrate. As with oleic acid or oleic acid as collector, sodium carbonate as the modifying agent, sodium silicate, sodium sulfide as inhibitors to monazite, can make the tantalite (columbite) and monazite separation; with sodium dodecyl sulfate as collector with sodium fluosilicate as inhibitor in acidic conditions to enable the separation of cassiterite. Microlite and cassiterite; with sodium oleate as the collector. The atmosphere of lead, water glass or lead chloride and oxalic acid as modifying agent, can separate niobium ore and fluorite.
tantalum niobium ore dressing
(3) magnetic separation method: tantalum niobite are magnetic, according to tantalum ore, niobium ore and garnet, different than the susceptibility of tourmaline (tourmaline garnet, due to changes in Fe content variation than susceptibility result), isolated from the garnet, tourmaline in different magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic field tantalum niobium concentrate can be obtained. In order to improve the selectivity of separation of minerals in the magnetic field, the first general acid (solid-liquid ratio was 1:2) for a short time (5-15min) processing, to clear the surface of iron minerals. Niobium ore, niobium ore and non magnetic cassiterite separation, but use magnetic separation.

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