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Separating titanium from slag by gravity separation or flotation process

High titanium slag is formed after the physical production process of titanium ore enrichment material, through the electric heating and melting of titanium, the enrichment of titanium in the titanium dioxide and iron melting separation obtained TiO2 content high concentration. High titanium slag is not waste residue, nor by-products, but production tetrachloride titanium, titanium dioxide and titanium sponge products of high quality raw materials. Titanium slag is made from titanium concentrate.

The production method of titanium slag is mainly electric furnace melting method. This method is used to restore the iron oxide in the titanium concentrate to the selective removal of metal iron, thus enriching the titanium by the fire process.
Anthracite or petroleum coke as reducing agent, with the titanium concentrate by burdening, briquetting, add hot type electric arc furnace, the furnace temperature is 1600 - 1800℃, the condensed state product is iron and titanium slag, according to the proportion of iron and titanium slag and magnetic differences, so that separate the titanium oxide and iron, so as to obtain TiO2 72% - 95% titanium slag.
Raw materials for smelting titanium slag: titanium concentrate, coke (anthracite)
Smelting titanium slag products: acid soluble titanium or titanium slag slag, iron
Process of smelting titanium slag: electric melting method
Equipment for smelting titanium slag: thermal electric arc furnace (closed, semi closed, open, round, rectangular, DC, AC)
With titanium iron and reducing agent, in a special electric furnace, which is different from mine heat furnace and electric arc furnace, the furnace is heated to 1600-1800℃, which can be used for high temperature melting, so that iron oxide in titanium iron ore is reduced to metallic iron.
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