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Inflatable Flotation Machine

Inflatable Flotation Machine

Inflatable flotation machine adopts mechanical agitation and press air from outside blend, impeller is used for mixing slurry and dispersed bubbles, and required air is provided by external air blower. Mainly consisted of the cell body, impeller, cover plate, bell shaped, circular cylinder, spindle, central cylinder and cylinder, etc. It consists of two trough to a unit, two tub back-to-back connection.

The flotation machine adopts the principle of flotation column, both has the advantages of flotation machine and the flotation column, and effectively overcomes their shortcomings.

Pneumatic flotation machine's characteristic:
Simple structure, easy maintenance, high ore dressing recovery, reduce energy consumption by more than 80%, make full use of gas, the smallest reagent dosage, long wearing parts of life. Because of its special principle and structure, greatly shorten the flotation stage and reduces the equipment and infrastructure investment to a great extent.
Working principle:
The application of vertical circulation slurry and filled with low pressure air enough to improve the separation efficiency. Flotation pulp in vertical circulation produces upwelling, eliminating the pulp in flotation machine appear in stratified and heavy sand, increases the coarse, heavy mineral choose other possibilities, and increase the chance of mineral particles and bubbles collide with each other. When the impeller rotates, after being thrown off the impeller cavity in the pulp is mixed with air, impeller blades back into a zone of negative pressure, circulating pulp by recirculation drum and bell between the annular hole into the negative pressure zone. Low pressure air by the central cylinder and campanula into circulating slurry seal on the impeller cavity and promote air and slurry in the impeller cavity fully mixed mixture due to the rotation of the impeller produced the action of centrifugal force, was thrown into in the vane cover and, further, that the air bubble segmentation and scattered in ore pulp, in under the action of vertical circulation upwelling, by the groove bottom bottom upward diffusion, the foam separation in the trough in the upper part of the quiet zone and gangue minerals, useful minerals was chosen into the foam products.
Inflatable Flotation Machine
The aeration effect of this kind flotation machine do not depend on the suction of the negative pressure zone generated by the rotating impeller, but the air supply to the impeller chamber through the central cylinder. The main charging efficiency and aeration rate and amount of circulating pulp on the impeller. The size of the aeration amount can be adjusted according to the need, the maximum amount of aeration can reach 1.5-1.8 m3/(m2min). Because this kind of flotation machine does not need to produce negative pressure suction, so the speed of the impeller is lower. Therefore, the motor power can be smaller, reduce power consumption, reduce mechanical wear.
1, structure features: no mechanical agitator drive component;
2, inflatable features: aerator inflatable, bubble size by aerator structure adjustment;
3, bubble and pulp mixing characteristics: mixed upstream.
Processing is simple, high grade, easy to sort rough ore, sweeping. The flotation column has the advantages of simple structure, small floor space, convenient maintenance, easy operation and saving power.
Technical parameter:
Inflatable Flotation Machine

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