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Siderite Ore Beneficiation

Siderite is a widely distributed mineral, its composition is ferrous carbonate, when impurity of siderite ore is not many, can extract impurities as iron ore. Siderite generally showed a thin layer of shale, clay or coal together.
Physical Properties: 
Cleavage: Perfect on {1011}. 
Fracture: Uneven to conchoidal. 
Tenacity: Brittle. 
Hardness = 3.75–4.25 D(meas.) = 3.96(1) D(calc.) = 3.932
Association: Quartz, barite, fluorite, pyrite
Siderite ore beneficiation process: 
 Siderite Ore Beneficiation
1.roasting - magnetic separation technology
(1)siderite magnetic roasting principle:
Magnetized roasting is the process that after material or ore is heated to a certain temperature, the physical and chemical reactions in the corresponding atmosphere, essence is make weakly magnetic siderite thermal decompose into strong magnetic magnetite and hematite.
(2) siderite magnetic roasting process conditions: 
a. stacked state magnetization roasting;
b. fluidized magnetic roasting;
c. impact of cooling model on magnetic roasting for siderite.
2. high intensity magnetic separation process 
Magnesium siderite or siderite has weakly magnetic, although low grade ore, mineral composition is complex, with the development of high intensity magnetic separation technology and improvement of equipment, use a strong magnetic can sort hematite containing siderite, limonite and other weakly magnetic iron minerals.
 Siderite Ore Beneficiation Process
3. flotation process 
For flotation weakly magnetic minerals such as siderite, there are two main flotation process: positive floatation concentrate iron and reverse flotation desilication. Currently industrial production siderite flotation, mainly mixed with siderite iron mineral resources, the overall process goal is to sort weakly magnetic iron-containing minerals.
4. other processing techniques 
(1) the pre-reduction technology
Because the blast furnace improve the iron materials requirements, electric arc furnace steelmaking growth and development of non-blast furnace ironmaking technology, so carry out pre-reduction technology with siderite as raw materials.
(2) microwave baking technology 
Because microwave roasting can increase the heating rate, selective heating, first heated from the inside of materials, safety and the level of automation advantages, are used to assist roasting and smelting sulphide concentrates.
Common siderite mineral processing equipment, include crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, flotation machine, high gradient magnetic separator, magnetic separator and other equipment, Henan shisheng Mining Machinery Company is the professional ore dressing equipment manufacturer in China, welcomed the new and old users to visit our factory and inspect siderite ore beneficiation process, we will be the most perfect iron ore beneficiation process to work for you.

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