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Antimony Ore Processing

Introduction of antimony ore processing:
The antimony ore beneficiation methods,should be based on the type of ore,mineral composition,mineral structure and embedded Pot and other physical and chemical properties as the basic conditions to select, you should also consider a price component content and meet the requirements of the antimony metallurgical technology and ultimatelyeconomic and other factors.

Antimony ore beneficiation methods, hand-selected, gravity separation, heavy media separation, flotation:

Hand-selected:Hand-selected use of antimony ores containing of antimony minerals and gangue in color, luster,shape differences.This method,although the original,and greater labor intensity,but for the antimony ore beneficiation still has a special significance:because the aggregates crystal of the antimony mineral often has bulky monomer crystalline or massive,hand-selected can often get a higher grade blockantimony concentrate,suitable for the technical requirements of the antimony metallurgical plant vertical roaster;
Hand-selected to reduce the beneficiation production costs and energy consumption,so it is widely used in our country. According to statistics: China now produces 18 major antimony concentrator, 15 hand-selected job, accounting for 83.3%, of which four single antimony sulfide ore processing plant, four sulfide - mixed antimony oxide ore processing plant, antimony-containing complex multi-metal ore processing plant 7.
Hands-elected block antimony concentrate, simply containing more than 7% of antimony can enter the vertical roaster volatile roasting direct preparation of antimony trioxide. Hand selected block antimony sulfide concentrates containing antimony than 45% pure antimony trisulfide (commonly known as antimony), for arms production, can be prepared by segregation.
Hand-selected picked up a high-grade massive antimony concentrate,can also discard large quantities of waste rock,to improve inclusion ore grade.
Ore particle size suitable for hand-selected, mostly in between 28 to 150 mm. The most antimony processing plant wide level hand-selected, and only the individual processing plant, such as tin mines north mill grading into narrow level hand-selected. Ore often containing mud, so washing operation is often the staging on hand before the election indispensable. Selected ore after washing and hand-selected, is better than not Jingxi ore direct hand-selected effect.
Hand-selected job generally the concentrator within hand-selected belt, but also many antimony mine is in the pit or Hang Hau completed.

Gravity concentration:
Gravity concentration for the the most antimony ore processing plant are applicable, because antimony minerals belong to the large density, a coarse granularity mineral, easy re-election method gangue separation. : Stibnite density of 4.62 g / cm 3, while the gangue density ranging from 2.6 to 2.65 g / cm 3, its equivalent Shen (drop) ratio of 2.19 to 2.26 is easy to ore; the Huang the antimony Hua density for 5.2 g / cm 3, red antimony mineral density of 7.5 g / cm 3, antimony Huawei 5.57 g / cm 3, and gangue sink (drop) 2.55 ~ 2.63,3.93 ~ 4.06 and 2.76 ~ 2.86, which three antimony ores are easily selected by density separation ore.

Only water antimony calcium,stone density of 3.14 g/cm 3,and gangue the Shen (down) the ratio of only 1.29, belongs to the more difficult ore sorting by density, but it is not the main ingredient in the antimony ore does not affect weight use of selected. In short, regardless of a single antimony sulfide ore or sulfide (the mixed oxidation antimony ore, have better gravity concentration. And low cost of gravity concentration, but also in the coarser particle size range, sub-elected by a large number of qualified coarse concentrate and discard large quantities of gangue, therefore, re-election is still willing to adopt the beneficiation method is antimony beneficiation workers today.

Heavy media beneficiation
Heavy media beneficiation difficulty is the choice of the weighting agent,media preparation and recovery. A substance that is used as aggravating agent practice: the Grinding Wheel corundum waste (ferrosilicon) is ideal. Magnetic material content of the material 70 to 98%, the chemical composition is mainly silicon and iron, through the concentrator media preparation system pulverized to less than 98% of 74 microns made by weighting agents, so that the density of the medium is kept at 2.65 g / cm 3 or so it is entirely possible,and easy recovery and recycling.

Flotation process is the main antimony ore processing method:
Minerals, most of them are easy floating antimony sulfide mineral flotation ore crystallographic sites. Stibnite often precede lead salts as activators also useful copper salt or a combination of lead salts copper salt, then collector flotation. Common collector for the of butyl xanthate or shale oil mixture Diethyldithiocarbamate foaming agent for the pinitol oil or oil; antimony oxide ore is difficult floated ore.

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