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Coal Ash Iron Separation Process

What are the components of coal ash iron separation equipment ?
Coal ash iron separation equipment consists of the jaw crusher, ball mill, grading machine, magnetic separator, flotation machine, thickener, dryer and other major components, coordinating with the mining machine, hoisting machine, conveyor components can make up complete sand iron separation equipment. This production line has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, high capacity, economic rationality and so on.

How to recover iron from coal ash ? How does coal ash iron separation equipment work?
Iron in coal ash mainly exists in Fe2O3, Fe3O4 and iron silicate form.The pyrite particles pulverized coal combusts, so the iron is enriched; after magnetizing and roasting, parts of the iron become into magnetite, Fe3O4 crystal. X diffraction analysis indicated that its interior contains a large number of Fe2O3, which is very favorable for the the total recovery of iron.

But iron recovery from the coal ash, typically adopts magnetic separation, separation effect is good,total iron content in the raw coal ash and slag is low, it should have primary enrichment first, preselected equipment can use hydrocyclone.
For example, a power plant, due to magnetite has larger proportion than the original ash, after the preselection by the swirler, from the coal ash slag out of the sand discharging port iron is enriched. Its iron content increases from 13.91% to 20.84%, total iron recovery rate is 65.91%, total iron enrichment in pulverized coal ash should be sorted through the cylinder type weak magnetic separator, iron grade of the gained the iron ore is 45.22%, the recovery rate is 39.17%.

Recovering iron minerals from the ash doesn't need stripping, mining, crushing, grinding and other steps, the investment is only around 1/4 of separating iron from ore, thereby saving a large number of capital construction and operating costs.
Magnetite selected from the coal ash firstly can be raw material for cement plant to make cement , then it can be doped with high grade iron ore as raw material for ironmaking.

The overseas development of coal ash iron separation equipment:
Comprehensive utilization of coal ash at home and abroad work compared with the past, all has great changes, main show is: guiding ideology of coal ash management has already changed from the past pure environment angle into comprehensive management, resource utilization;
Comprehensive utilization ways of coal ash has developed from the past substructure, fill, concrete admixture, the transformation of soil and other aspects of the application, to the current  high-level utilization way such as the cement raw materials, cement admixture, large water conservancy engineering, pumping concrete, concrete products, advanced filling.

Coal ash processing equipment is recommended to adopt trapezium mill, after science and technology experts' years of painstaking research and innovation development, according to the  use and proposal of ball mill user,is it is updated and designed on the base of high pressure hanging roller milling machine, providing the vast number of users at home and abroad with a new, efficient, energy saving and high fine milling equipment, trapezium mill adopts the trapezoidal surface, flexible connection, grinding roller linkage booster and so on five mill patented technology,creating the highest level of super pressure trapezium mill in the world .


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