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Dry Magnetic Separator

The introduction of Dry magnetic separator:
Dry magnetic separator is my company successfully new developed highly efficient magnetic separation equipment. Magnetic system used in all high-performance rare earth NdFeB material and quality ferrite materials do clever open magnetic circuit design, the the cylinder sub constituency the maximum magnetic flux density above 0.8T magnetic field strength of conventional magnetic drive 3-5 times the sub-constituency magnetic forces can reach the level of electromagnetic strong magnetic separator.
Sorting cylinder use wear-resistant stainless steel refining;mineral sorting through vibrating feeder evenly to the top of the barrel to the sorting, rotating cylinder outstripped the cylinder,non-magnetic materials magnetic materials by strong magnetic forceattracted to the cylinder, with the sub-ore board is very convenient, separate magnetic and non-magnetic material precisely.

The strong magnetic force Drum Magnetic Separators selected, weakly magnetic minerals into reality. The large amount of equipment processing, sorting mineral grain size range wide, high separation accuracy, no blockage; simple structure, easy maintenance,power consumption is only 20% of the electromagnetic strong magnetic separator.

The main use of Dry magnetic separator:
Anhydrous election iron job; refractories and other materials deironing work.

The main parameters of Dry magnetic separator:

Project Parameters
Barrel Diameter (mm) 400 、 600 、 750
Barrel Length (mm) 600 、 900 、 1200
Barrel Table Top Magnetic Induction Intensity 0.8T
Sorting Cylinder Speed (r.p.m) 40 、 60
Feeding way Vibration feeder top feed
Separation Size (mm) 10-0.074
Throughput (t/h) 0.3-8
Motor Speed model XWD1.5-63;XWD2.2-74
Weight (t) 0.6-1.5(t)

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