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SF/XJK Flotation Machine

Introduction of flotation machine :
The flotation machine is the main device to achieve the flotation process, the ore particles after wet grinding has been basic monomer dissociation is modulated into a certain concentration, fully used with flotation agentia in a stirred tank ,then fed to the flotation machine, in which have the aeration and mixing, making ore grain in the surface has been affected by the collector to the bubble attachment, mineralized foam layer is formed in the pulp surface, scrapping off with a scraper, can achieve a foam product of fine mine.powerful design and development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical maintenance, unscheduled return visit, strict quality assurance and efficient after sales service of shisheng Heavy bf flotation machine, slime flotation machine, mining flotation machine, xcf flotation machine, inflatable flotation machine , every aspect have done the meticulous arrangements, and solve a series worries of customer.

Working principle of flotation machine :
When the impeller rotating, may produce vortex in the vertical tube and the draft tube,the vortex formate negative pressure ,inhale air into the trachea, and mixed with ore pulp inhaled through diversion pipe in the impeller and the stator region . The mixture stream of plasma gas form a tangential direction by the impeller to move, and then converted into a radial movement by the stator, and evenly distributed in the flotation tank. Mineralized bubbles rise to the foam layer, unilateral or bilateral scrapings is the product of the bubble.

The internal structure of the flotation machine :
Flotation machine is mainly made up of the tank, the impeller, stator, dispersed cover, false bottom, draft tube, vertical tube, adjustable ring. The flotation machine of shisheng Heavy Industry advanced technology and high quality is of big inspiratory capacity , low power consumption. Each tank have triple features of inhaling air , inhaling pulp and flotation , forming flotation circuit, without any auxiliary equipment, level configuration, easily for process changing. Circulation of ore pulp is reasonable and reduce precipitation of coarse sand farthest . There is controlled device of pulp surface, easily to adjust. Impeller with backward inclined top and bottom blade. Top blade produce pulp cycle up,bottom blade pulp cycle down. Relative to ordinary flotation machine, can improve High-quality goods by 4-6%, to improve the recovery of 8%, to improve the yield of 12%.

Features of flotation machine :
1.This series flotation machine adopts mechanical stirring, unique method of ore pulp feeding, flow pattern of ore pulp is reasonable, processing capacity is big;
2.Inflatable performance is high,adjustable range is wide, flotation speed is quick.In the state of turning, you can easily adjust the air capacity of intake.
3.Stirring mechanism are impeller with curved blade and radial steady flow plate, can make coal pulp flow circulatively and air inflation is moderate;
4.According to the different coal type, particle size and concentration, optimize and design the parameters of hydrokinetics, so that the high density and coarse , fine-grained coal also reach ideal separation efficiency.
5.Compact structure, light weight, reliable operation. Flotation speed is quick, the high selectivity of the fine fraction and good flotation effect of coarse fraction .
6.Low energy consumption , power of the installation and the actual consumption are less than the same type flotation machine and specifications.
7.Reasonable structure parameters, small footprint, taking the compatibility with the old equipment into account .
8.High operational reliability, easy operation and maintenance, the pulp level adopts single-point to control, can automatically adjust can also manually.
9. Impeller and stator adopt wear-resistant material, the service life is 3 to 5 years.

Technical parameters of SF-flotation machine:

Model SF0.37 SF0.7 SF1.2 SF2.8 SF4 SF8
Volume of Tank(m3) 0.37 0.7 1.2 2.8 4 8
Impeller Diameter(mm) 300 350 450 550 650 T60
Production Capacity(m3/min) 0.2-0.4 0.3-0.9 0.6-1.2 1.5-3.5 0.5-4 4-8
Impeller Speed(m3/min) 352 400 312 268 238 191
Motor Model (1)Y90L-4 (1)Y100L2-4 (1)Y132M2-6 (1)Y160L-6 (1)Y180L-6 (1)Y250M-8
(2)Y90S-4 (2)Y90S-4 (2)Y90S-4 (2)Y90S-4 (2)Y90L-4 (2)Y100L-6
Power(kw) (1)1.5 (1)3 (1)5.5 (1)11 (1)15 (1)30
(2)1.1 (2)1.1 (2)1.1 (2)1.1 (2)1.5 (2)1.5
Overall Dimension(mm) 700*700
Single Slot Weight(kg) 468 600 1373 2338 2660 4486

Technical parameters of XJK-flotation machine:

Model XJK-0.35(3A) XJK-0.62(4A) XJK-1.1(5A) XJK-2.8(6A) XJK-5.8(7A)
Effective Volume(m3) 0.35 0.62 1.1 2.8 5.8
Production Capacity(m3/min) 0.18~0.4 0.3~0.9 0.6~1.6 1.5~3.5 3~7
Rotate Speed(r/min) 470 400 330 280 240
Impeller Diameter(mm) 300 350 500 600 750
Matched Motor Model Rotor Y90L-4 Y100L2-4 Y132M2-6 Y160L-6 Y200L2-6(Y225M-6)
Scraper Y90S-4 Y90S-4 Y90S-4 Y90S-4 Y90L-4
Power(kw) Impeller Motor 1.5 3 5.5 11 22(30)
Scraper Motor 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.5
Weight(T/slot) 0.43 0.86 1.38 2.33 3.533

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