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Gold Grinding Machine

Introduction of Gold Grinding Machine:
Gold grinding machine is well received by users and is the best equipment to replace ball mill, that because of its small investment, high output, low production cost, good efficiency and esay installation. And aslo gold grinding machine is the ideal beneficiation equipment for small and medium-sized enterprise investment. Gold grinding machine is mainly used to separate the gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, antimony. The all ore can be separated by ball mill, also can be separated by gold grinding machine too.

Features of Gold Grinding Machine:
Grinding gold machine is mainly through the raw materials mixing, rolling, crushing, rolling after repeated to reach balanced moisture, uniform ratio and low gas content, so that can improve the forming rate and the forming quality. Through the machine grinding material molding products are with high density, good strength, no porosity ratio, etc. The machine is used in the process of gold ore recycling, less mineral powder loss, making full use of effective resources.

Use and Maintenance of Gold Grinding Machine:
1. After normal operating, can start feeding.
2. Starting with material is forbidden, and if machine goes down of failure, must clear up  the residual ore then start again.
3. Uniform feeding, shall not be more and less, it is best to use the feeder.
4. Bearing parts must often add butter, reducer must often check whether need to change gear oil.
5. Check each part of the screws whether are loose.
6. If bearing is damage, must be change in time, so as not to cause eccentric shaft damage other parts.
7. In runtime must pay attention to the bearing part or reducer whether has the presence of abnormal sound, whether temperature is too high, whether motor current is too large and other abnormal phenomenon. If have the above phenomenon, should immediately shut down and remove trouble.
8. In order to ensure safety, when repair machine must remove the motor belt.

Technical Parameters of Gold Grinding Machine:

Model Specifications Feed particle size

Rotate speed


Matched power



900 900×140×80×250±20mm < 30mm 8-10 Y4 level 5.5KW 3.2
1000 1000×220×80×250±20mm 13-15 Y4 level 5.5KW 4.5
1200 1200×220×80×270±20mm 17-19 Y6 level 7.5KW 5.5

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