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Gold Ore Beneficiation

The acquisition of gold, gold mining bed type is mainly divided into two categories:

(1)A gold ore deposits are mostly located in mountainous areas, by internal forces geological formation, gold ore, also known as gold mine, endogenous gold mine;
(2)The other for the gold placer gold particles by mountain gold mine out of the ground, broken into long-term weathering and erosion, sequin, gold at the end, and by handling the role of wind, water and other water sorting together deposited in Riverside, Lakeside, Coast to form alluvial, alluvial type or seaside molding sand gold deposits, some mountain gold mine weathering and erosion, debris accumulation of the product in place, the formation of the gold deposits of residual sand; piled along the slopes , the formation of slope plot molding sand gold deposits, placer deposits, also known as exogenous gold mine, its metallogenic epoch in the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Tertiary, and Quaternary or modern.
In addition, there is an associated gold deposits, its low gold often be recovered in the process of non-ferrous metal mines, and comprehensive utilization.

Gold ore beneficiation production line process:

Mining gold ore first preliminary crushing by jaw crusher, crushing to a reasonable degree of fineness via hoist feeder evenly fed into the ball mill, ore crushing, grinding by ball mill.
After a ball mill grinding of ore fines go to the next step:classification.Spiral sorting machine by means of the proportion of solid particles precipitated in the liquid at different speeds principle,the ore mixture enters the grading machine washing,grading.
After washed and graded mineral mixture through the separator, due to the different than the susceptibility of various minerals, via magnetic and mechanical forces Mixture magnetic substance separated.
Adding different drugs through the magnetic separator after the initial separation of the mineral particles in the flotation machine is fed, depending on the mineral characteristics,so that the minerals and other substances to be separated.After the desired minerals are separated out, because the preliminary concentrated containing a lot of water,subject to the concentrator, and then through a dryer to obtain dry minerals.

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