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Kaolin Bauxite Calcination Process

Introduction of Kaolin Calcination Process:
Calcination Process is the reaction process that solid materials don't occur molten under conditions of high temperature, there may be oxidation, pyrolysis, reduction, halogenation, etc., is typically used for calcined inorganic chemical and metallurgical industries.The calcination process has two types: additive and non-additive.

Calcined without additive is also known as calcination, in accordance with applications, it can be divided into: (1) decomposition ore, such as the limestone is processed chemically into calcium oxide,at the same time get carbon dioxide gas; (2) activation ore, its purpose is to change ore's structure to make it easy decompose, such as kaolin is calcined and dehydrated to make its structure loosen and multihole and easy to further produce alumina; (3) removal of impurities, such as desulfurization,removal of organic matter and adsorbed water; (4) crystal transformation, such as calcined titania to change crystal type to improve its use nature.

Production process can be divided into two kinds methods: burned expansion method and sintering process. Burned expansion method is make raw materials heat to melting temperature, producing gas to swell. Sintering process make some raw materials melting by heating to whole grains bonded together.

Oxidizing roasting:
The pulverized solid materials are calcined in oxygen, so that the useful components are converted to oxide, while removing volatile impurities such as arsenic, antimony, selenium, tellurium. Pyrite roasting preparation sulfur dioxide in the sulfuric acid industry, is typical oxidizing roasting. Oxidizing roasting is widely used in metallurgical industry, such as: copper sulfide ores, zinc sulfide ore, by oxidation roasting, get copper oxide, zinc oxide, at same time obtain sulfur dioxide.


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