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Limestone Calcination Process

Qualified limestone is stored in the silo, the upper and lower level gages control feeding amount,  and then through the tremie pipe, limestone is evenly distributed into every chamber of the preheater.
Limestone in the preheater is heated by 1150 degrees Celsius to 900 degrees Celsius, about 30% is decomposed, hydraulic pusher push them into the rotary kiln, the limestone in the rotary kiln is roasting and decomposed into CaO and CO2.
After decomposition, generated lime enters into the cooler, in the cooler blowing cool air cool the lime to below 100 degrees Celsius and is discharged. 600 degrees Celsius hot air through  heat exchange enters into the kiln and with gas fuel combination. Exhaust gas is added cool air blast and by the draught fan, enters into the bag filter, and then discharged through the exhaust fan into the chimney. By vibrating feeder, chain bucket conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, the lime discharged from the cooler enters into the lime reservoir. According to the user needs to determine whether proceed screening processes.
In the lime roasting system, in accordance with output, the preheater is divided into several preheaters, every preheater is matched with a set of hydraulic pusher device, and matched with automated control systems, which can send related datas into central control room's PLC control platform to realize centralized control. This system has high degree of automation and can achieve single point controlled to make the production process more convenient. 

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