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Limonite Calcination Process

Introduction of Limonite Calcination Process:
First, Ore from the bin is directly send into the roasting kiln tail by electronic belt scale, belt conveyor, and stabilize silo, wind blockage vale. The kiln tail only set stabilize silo to reduce investment.
Secondly, after ore enters into the roasting kiln, first heat. Ore in the kiln countermove with the hot gas stream. In the heating zone,ore is heated to the reduction temperature to enter into into the reduction zone.
Third, flame center temperature in the reduction zone is controlled at about 1000 ℃, hot atmosphere temperature is controlled at about 700 ℃, materials and reduction gas react to restore into magnetite.
Fourth, enter into the cooling zone, encounter with entering gas. The gas is preheated, while the ore is cooled and discharged from the kiln. After water-cooling by continuous bucket conveyor, enter into the bin for be selected.

Advantages of Limonite Calcination Process:
Limonite Calcination Process mainly adopts multifuel combustion of blocks and powders to reduce the operation cost.

Technical parameters of Limonite Calcination Process:

Model(m) Φ2.3×32 Φ2.4×36 Φ2.5×40 Φ2.7×42 Φ3×28
Output(t/d) 103 120 160 228 480
Kiln Body Slope(%) 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 4
Bearing Number(set) 3 3 3 3 3
Catch Wheel Form mechanical mechanical mechanical mechanical mechanical
Kiln Body Speed(min) 0.156-1.56 0.132-1.32 0.132-1.32 0.45-1.35 0.8-1.45
Power 30 37 37 40 75
Reducer ZS1250 ZS1250 ZS1450 ZS1450 ZS1450
Weight 97.2 111 139 165 188.7

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