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Magnesium Titanate Calcination Process

Structure of Magnesium Titanate Calcination Process:
Similar to the rotary kiln in alumina, cement and other industries, its cylinder is made of steel plate, internal inlay refractory lining, forming a predetermined angle with the horizontal. Cylinder body is setted three rectangular round with support in the file supporting device. With a cut in the vicinity of the intermediate tyres supporting every grade support device. On the cylinder body nearby the intermediate tyre,use tangential spring plate fix a big ring, below its 30,there is a small gear to mesh it. During normal operation, by main reducing gear, main drive motor deliver motive power for this open gears to drive the rotary kiln.

Main Working principle of Magnesium Titanate Calcination Process:
The filtered titania hydrolyzate filter cake input the kiln tail with a certain inclination and slow rotation(the high end of the cylinder), at the same time on the kiln head direction(the lower end of the cylinder), the combustor mixing chamber blow the clean flame and hot air into the kiln for dehydration and calcination of the filter cake. After above 1000 ℃ dehydration and calcination, hydrolysis of titanium dioxide filter cake has the aid of tilted rotary kiln body, it can not only roll along circumferential direction,but also move along axial direction(from high-end to low-end), and continuously to complete the dehydration process and calcined process. Finally by means of double hydraulic flap discharge valve on the lower of the kiln head, enter into the cooler, and after cooling and screening, the finished products are titanium pigment products.

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