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Molybdenum Ore Dressing Plant

The current situation of the domestic molybdenum ore processing equipment:
Molybdenum ore processing has been half a century of history,molybdenum ore processing plant from the old China only Yangjiazhangzi molybdenum processing plant development up to now more than 50 molybdenum processing plant, copper molybdenum processing plant, tungsten and molybdenum processing plant and molybdenum bismuth electionfactory production of molybdenum concentrate. Molybdenum ore processing technology gap with foreign advanced countries have been getting smaller and smaller.

Flotation process:
Deep select contain trace amounts of copper molybdenum ore, using part of the mixed - flotation process. Jinduicheng molybdenum processing plant processing ore valuable mineral molybdenite, pyrite and minor chalcopyrite, molybdenum, copper flotation, tailings flotation of pyrite, copper - molybdenum separation and molybdenum concentrate mixed - flotation process.Now also from the copper-molybdenum ore beneficiation recovery of molybdenum, a commonly used process copper-molybdenum mixed flotation, and then the copper-molybdenum separation and a selection of molybdenum concentrate.

Copper-molybdenum separation and molybdenum concentrate featured commonly used sodium sulfide and sodium cyanide.

The molybdenum concentrate selected depends primarily on the number of total enrichment ratio of molybdenum. General total enrichment is high, the selection of the number of times usually more; total enrichment ratio is low, which offers a selection of the number of times usually less. Molybdenum processing plant ore processing ore grade higher (0.2% to 0.3%), enrichment ratio of 133 to 155, its original design featured a total number of 7 times, Jinduicheng processing plant molybdenum processed raw ore grade of approximately 0.1%, the enrichment ratio of 430 to 520, and advice total number of up to 12 times. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of molybdenum concentrate exports, Jinduicheng molybdenum processing plant using hydrochloric acid - ferric chloride leaching Apart from impurities in the molybdenum concentrate.

Molybdenum ore dressing plant from some of colored system point of view, the processing of ore grade vary greatly, the high at 0.3% or more, a low of 0.1% or less, and some only 0.02%. Processing the actual recovery of the vast majority of more than 80%. The resulting concentrate grade of 45% to 54%, tailings grade of 0.02%, a high of 0.04%, a low of 0.01%.

The current industrial production of molybdenum molybdenite concentrate smelting oxidizing roasting to extract pure molybdenum trioxide restore roasting molybdenum metal powder three links.

Molybdenum concentrate first reverberatory furnace, multiple hearth furnace roaster oxidizing roasting or flash furnace desulfurization made a calcine impure molybdenum trioxide (Mo ≥ 40% ~ 48%), Calcine using The metal thermal or silicon thermal method can produce molybdenum ferroalloy.

There are two ways to pure molybdenum trioxide production from Calcine:
First, the sublimation method, the second is a hydrometallurgical method. Leaching, purification with ammonia solution wherein the impurity is removed, followed by crystallization or hydrochloric acid and the molybdenum into ammonium paramolybdate (Mo ≥ 56%) or molybdate state precipitated, and then by baking Solutions Serve pure molybdenum trioxide. Finally, pure molybdenum trioxide with hydrogen reduction method to molybdenum metal powder (Mo ≥ 99.7% ~~ 99.9%), and then the powder metallurgy method or further into the legal system molybdenum ingots using arc melting or molybdenum strip (Mo ≥ 99.8% ~~ 99.95%) .

The molybdenum concentrate smelting at home and abroad also study to test a number of new techniques and methods, for example by oxidation of the molybdenite concentrate roasting, directly with the oxygen pressure cooking method or bacterial leaching method to extract pure molybdenum trioxide. Of low-grade oxide ore leaching with sulfuric acid from the solution using ion exchange process or the extraction of pure molybdenum trioxide. In addition, molybdenum concentrate smelting method, as well as lime roasting method, nitrate leaching, sodium hypochlorite leaching and electro-oxidation leaching.

Rhenium molybdenum concentrate, mainly from the oxidation roasting of molybdenum concentrate flue leaching or oxygen pressure cooking medium for recycling, and then from the solution using the extraction method or an ion exchange method of perrhenic potassium or ammonium perrhenate , and then restore the legal system into a high-purity rhenium powder.

There are some impurities such as copper, lead, tin, arsenic, phosphorus, calcium, silica, etc.It not only affects the quality of molybdenum products,but also affect the molybdenum smelting technology and equipment,and pollution of the environment.Smelting before the need for strict control, or to be recycled in the smelting,and thus become a useful component,greatly improving the industrial value of the molybdenum deposit.

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