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River Sand Iron Separation Process

Introduction of river sand iron separation technology:
Setting iron separating ship, sieving system, magnetic separation system, tail sand removal system, power system etc. compact one, starting switch can start selecting iron.
First of all, the river has water, mineral processing works out on the water, as the water always flows, the stability of the hull should be ensured. Usually 3.5-4 mm steel can be made into float, there is a certain interval between floats, generally 1.5 meters. According to the different dredging depth,the design of floating body also should follow the professional calculation and design. Therefore, before carrying out the work you shall consult professional mineral processing equipment manufacturers and technical units, and then conduct.
River sand is lifted by chain bucket, then filtered the stones of different sizes by sieving system, which is also to protect the security of next procedure - magnetic separation system. Magnetic separation system is mainly magnetic separator and water collection system.

Magnetic sheet strength of magnetic separator is generally up to 3800-4500 Gauss, the specifications is the 750*2200-2400, the matching can achieve 90% net selection rate. Washing effect is to raise the hair iron grade, generally it is regulated freely in between 30-45 . Tail sand often needs to be excluded from the scope of the general mechanical work area.Desilting ways are the flow way, conveyor, pumping sand pump type three kind of forms, of course,it depends on  the specific environment of the river.

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