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Shaking Table

Purposes of shaking table:
Shaking table is one of the important equipment of beneficiation. It is widely used in the selection of tungsten, sn, molybdenum, plumbum, zinc, niobium and other rare metals and precious metal ores, but also can be used for the selection of iron, manganese ore and coal.

Working principle of shaking table:
Beneficiation process is going in the bed surface has reflex bar,mineral particle swarm is send from feed launder of bed surface,meanwhile,from transverse flushing water feed water tank mine shafts into the lateral flushing water, so the mineral particles in the power of gravity, transverse flow momentum ,inertia and friction that produced by bed doing the reciprocating asymmetrical movement ,stratified according to specific gravity and particle size, and  do longitudinal movement along the bed and do lateral movement along the inclined bed. So the different mineral particles of ratio and size flow down along their own direction gradually along the diagonal present fanshaped , respectively,  discharged from different area of concentrate and tailings side ,finally divided into concentrate, middling and tailings.

Features advantages of shaking table:
1.Stiffness and strength is big;
2.Low water absorption, no weight gain;
3.Good wear resistance of the working surface;
4.Resist chemical corrosion, be able to endure acid and alkali, don't avoid agentia in the mineral pulps ;
5.Good weather resistance, shape stability;
6.Good sorting performance ,stable indicators;

Construction of shaking table :
The device is mainly made up of the bedside, motor,adjustable slope device, bed, mine shafts, tank, reflex bar and lubrication system ,8 parts.

Technical parameters of shaking table:

Name Coarse Sand Bed Surface Fine Sand Bed Surface Slime Bed Surface
Bed Surface Size Length (mm) 4450 4450 4450
Drive End Width (mm) 1855 1855 1855
Concentrate End Width(mm) 1546 1546 1546
Maximum Feed Size (mm) 2 0.5 0.15
Feed Quantity (t/h) 30-60 10-20 15-25
Feed Concentration (%) 25-30 20-25 15-25
Route (mm) 16-22 11-16 8-16
Frequency ( t/s) 45-48 48-53 50-57
Bed Surface Transverse Slope(degree) 2.5-4.5 1.5-3.5 1-2
Separation Area (m2) 7.6 7.6 7.6
Bed Surface Section Shape rectangle sawtooth triangle
Electric Power (kw) 1.1 1.1 1.1
Drive Type Eccentric connecting rod mechanism



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