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Wet Pan Mill

Introduction of Wet Pan Mill:
Wet pan mill is mainly applied to all kinds of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals (example: gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, iron, manganese minerals...) grinding operation, assembly of large tonnage grinding wheel, has characteristics of large capacity, high efficiency and operation index stability, etc. The machine assembly of the latest research and development large torque WS type horizontal speed reducer, grinding wheel, rolling plate adopts special casting workpiece, seiko design, durable, low noise, low loss, less investment, quick effect, etc. It is the optimal choice for grinding equipment of small and medium-sized dressing plant.

The Working Principle of Wet Pan Mill:
The equipment mainly include power plant, frame, grinding wheel, pan mill... parts, adopt grinding wheel dynamic type grinding works: First of all, motor will power transmission to the reducer, under the speed reducer drive, through the large vertical spindle transfer torque to the upward side cross shaft, pass through installed on both ends of the horizontal axis of the pull rod to grinding wheel, make the wheel produces driving force, along the horizontal axis horizontal do counterclockwise motion; Grinding wheel at work can be both around the wet pan mill large vertical shaft orbit, and around the central axis of wheel rotation, Pan mill is stationary. Add the mineral materials, within the mill from the extrusion wheel of its own weight, grinding wheel with the pan during the revolution and rotation produce the enormous friction, by repeated after extrusion, kneading, grinding, were crushed. Grinding wheel in rolling and kneading minerals at the same time, both mixing mud making function, the material fully mix with water, make each grinding index stability such as pulp density, After grinding crushed the monomer dissociation mineral fine grained, in the pulp of hybrid, was taken to the upper level, the Settings on the basin of the overflow mouth nesting, the overflow discharge, into the next operation process, coarse mineral sedimentation on the bottom of the pan, continue to grinding and crushed, until the fineness of up to standard; Set in basin discharging mouth mesh  screen(screen mesh, shall, depending on the type of mineral separation requirements, reasonable set), can strictly control the grading granularity, avoid even the appearance of uneven thickness of mineral grinding or particle size, create favorable conditions for subsequent operations.
In the grinding process, should fully follow the principle of more crushing and less grinding: as much as possible use crushers to reduce the materials' particles size, materials into edge runner comprehensive granularity reduce, improving the mill machine efficiency, reduce beneficiation plant overall loss.
Our wet pan mill has high yield, good stability, can adapt to a variety of non-ferrous metal ores, ferrous metal ores, non-metallic minerals, is the first selected grinding equipment for small and medium beneficiation plants and coal pulverizing plant.

Technical Parameters of Wet Pan Mill:

Wet Pan Mill machine safety operation:
1. operator should be trained qualified by manufacturers, fully understand the device structure and performance, then can take up his quarters to operate the machine. The operator should comply with the relevant safety, shift system.
2. before working, in strict accordance with the provisions add oil and maintain the proper fuel, oil line is smooth, oiling mouth is clean.
3. Check the circuit, electrical parts, wiring connectors, whether switch is securely intact. If damaged, must repair and replacement.
4. Check that whether the various parts of the machine is intact, whether the runner wheel is flexible, drive belt's degree of tightness, whether transmission parts are securely connected; after checking, boot idling for 3-5 minutes to ensure every part normal, then add ore and should be in strict accordance with specified amount, it is strictly prohibited to work overload.
5. when feeding, materials should be sieved to prevent iron ore and other hard metal debris into the mill and damage the machine.
6. when shut down for any reason, first remove the materials in the grinding pan, then restart, strictly prohibit to forced start.
7. when the device is operating, operators shall not leave, should make an inspection tour for every part working condition. If the device send out abnormal sound, runner wheel large amplitude vibration, reducer oil temperature is too high, motor's enclosure is overheating, drive belt skid, should immediately stop and dispose.
8. in shutdown process, when the grinding wheel is s not completely stopped, forbid arms and other devices into the grinding basin, prevent to hurt people, damage to the machine.
9. pelple wnter into the grinding basin to repair, in addition to disconnect power switch, put up warning sign with "someone  overhaul, not allow switch on", and set the specialist care to avoid touching.
10. after maintenance, should examine, sweep the device, remove sundries, and every switch set neutral position, then open power switch.
11. during usage, should comply with maintenance principle of regular maintenance every day, seven days little maintenance, monthly maintenance, to make the machine safety and efficient production.

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