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Smelting Lead-zinc Slag Gravity Separation

Lead and zinc symbiosis in nature, particularly in primary deposit is intimate. They have common source of ore-forming materials and very similar geochemical behavior, have similar outer electron structure, strong affinity to sulfur, and form the same soluble complex. The  adsorbent situation by ferro-manganese,clay or organic matter are close.

Lead average content in the crust is about 15*10-6, the average content in related rocks are: sandstone 7*10-6, carbonate rock 9*10-6, shale 20*10-6. Zinc average content in the earth's crust is about 80*10-6, the average content in related rocks: basalt 105*10-6, granite 60*10-6, sandstone 16*10-6, carbonate rock 20*10 6, shale 95*10-6.

Currently, about 250 kinds of lead-zinc have been found in the earth's crust, about 1/3 is sulfide and sulfate salts. Galena and sphalerite are the major industrial raw mineral materials for smelting lead and zinc.

Lead-zinc Slag Gravity Separation:
Zinc smelting coexist pyrogenic process and wet process, production capacity is about half and half. Pyrometallurgical smelting zinc has a perfect process, such as in some zinc plant, vertical tank internal measurement has reached 310*4610*10900mm, heating area has reached 100m2, zinc production is 20t/d, the recovery rate is 94.07%, it adopts closed blast furnace, and zinc smelting technology has new achievements.

Sinter machine area has reached 110m2, adopt rigid slide sealed,flexible transmission, multi-point engagement structure, good sealing, ease to sinter sulfuric acid. The hydrometallurgy high acid leaching new technology has been used in production; the traditional zinc hydrometallurgy successfully adopted a two-stage continuous leaching technology to realize in the boiling layer continuously removing copper, cadmium. This method adopts a tubular filter machine to filter pulp.

Zinc smelting DC power consumption down to 2966 - 3160k  Wh/t. Our country has various of zinc smelting, and has built zinc industrial system with multi-process, multi-product, better overall recovery.
Lead-zinc mineral separation is different. According to different ore types, users can select different beneficiation methods, thus need different lead-zinc mineral processing equipments.

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