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Limonite Ore Processing Process

Limonite gravity separation

Limonite magnetic separator working principle:
Less than 5mm raw ore is delivered into feeding funnel,through vibrating motor vibrates materials, the size of the discharge port can precisely adjust the size of the feeding capacity by hand. Magnetic roll is drived by speed motor, the speed can be adjusted by speed table to control the magnetic separator production and concentrate grade.
Limonite gravity separationMineral particles are delivered to the magnetic roller to separate by conveyor, as limonite grains have magnetic, immediately by high-intensity magnetic field, limonite grains are adsorbed on the magnetic roller, while the gangue minerals (mainly quartz, secondly dolomite, calcite, sericite, feldspar, clay minerals, etc.) don't have magnetism, the magnetic roller's strong magnetism doesn't produce suction. with the rotation of the magnetic roller, limonite grains has been sucked in the magnetic roller, while the gangue particles in the magnetic roller goto the front-end position, they are thrown out and fall in front of the separating ore plate (by changing the angle of the separating ore plate to resize concentrate grade), limonite grains continuously take to taking-off magnetic area with the magnetic roller, and automatically fall into selections ore bucket to gather concentrate finished.

As some weaker magnetic manganese particles is in the gangue falling from the magnetic roller, they will proceed into the next magnetic roller to magnetic separation, after magnetic separation ,finished limonite grains enter into two selections ore bucket to collect finished products, thrown gangue is discharged thrown tailings mouth, so far the magnetic separation process finish.

Limonite gravity separation
As gangue in limonite ore has been abandoned, limonite grade is improved. The electricity consumption of the entire device is only 5.5KW, magnetic separation input costs are quite low. Limonite magnetic separator is my company's research and development high-tech products, the technology is quite mature, the device is creating effective and wealth for more than a hundred customers.

Limonite beneficiation process:
Processed ore by mine plant is red iron hard rock, main iron minerals are martite, half martite, gangue minerals are quartz, secondly are amphibole, chlorite,etc. Ore shows obvious banded structure, disseminated size is finer, martite and quartz granularity are generally 0.02-0.2mm, the ore should be grinded to -200 mesh 80% g/t, formulated 20% aqueous solution, by adding the second paragraph of grinding machine, flotation PH value is 8.5-9.5, pulp temperature is 30-33 degree, the collecting agent is the mixture of 390 g/t oxidation paraffin soap and 130g/t thar oil.

Limonite gravity separation
For iron ore, gravity separation is mainly used for sorting weak magnetic hematite, its applications are the following two ways: one is high ore deposit geology grade(about 50%) but thin ore body or more interlayer. During mining, barren rocks mix in to make ore dilution. For this ore, adopt crush but don't grind, under this circumstance of coarse granularity, by gravity separation, discard coarse grain tailings, to recover geology grade and obtain medium grade concentrate in coarse grains, or further process, or directly send into blast-furnace process, this is named as coarse gravity separation; another is that fine disseminated red ore or mixed ore(that contain weak magnetic red ore and strong magnetic magnetite), through crushing and grinding, iron minerals are separated, and through gravity separation or magnetic reconnection separation, get fine and high grade concentrate, this is called fine-grained hematite gravity separation.

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