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Tailings Gravity Separation Process

Description of Tailings Gravity Separation Process:
Tailings recovery unit adopts foreign advanced technology, and combined with China's actual situation to design. The tailings recovery unit can effectively reduce the loss of tailings, control in less than 3% (by volume) to effectively reduce the content of active ingredient in tail water, and well solve the environmental pollution to reach environmental requirements emission standard, so this process is widely used in metallurgy, mining, water conservancy, hydropower, gravel plants, glass factories, coal preparation plant, coarse coal recovery and environmental engineering, shield machine (mud purification) projects.

Working principle of Tailings Gravity Separation Process:
During working process, the pump delivers tailings,water mixture to the cyclone, by the cyclone's centrifugal and classification, the concentrated tailings are discharged from the discharging bin to linear vibrating screen, through linear vibrating screen dehydration, the tailings are discharged by the anterior ethmoid. A small amount of tailings return to the washing chute by back workbin. When the washing chute surface is too high, they can be discharged through the overflow pipe. The linear vibrating screen outgoing tailings water content is smaller than 15%. Adjusting the tailings concentration can be achieved by changing the speed of the pump, changing feeding tailings concentration, adjusting the amount of water and replacing the shakeout mouth. This process is suitable for tailings whose particle size is smaller than 5mm.

Features of Tailings Gravity Separation Process:
1, More traditional methods reduce effectively the loss of the tailings;
2, Vibrating screen adopts polyurethane screen, which has longer life than other types of screens and is difficult to plug holes;
3, The cyclone lining has polyurethane, to improve the service life of the entire device and can successfully complete tailings thickening and liquid purification work;
4, Tailings get full recovery, reduce the workload of the sedimentation tank and reduce sedimentation tank clean-up costs;
5, Reduce tailings natural stacking time, can direct transit to supply market;

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